How to Enhance a Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry is an amazing thing – all it takes is a quick browse through some “before and after” photos to see the incredible work performed by Ottawa dentists on a daily basis. Today’s dentists use the latest restorative and cosmetic dental techniques to achieve results that looking even better than natural.

Cosmetic dentistry ranges from teeth whitening and veneers to bonding, porcelain crowns, and orthodontics. Using these techniques and materials, dentists strive to create a smile that looks good now and in the future. Each mouth is different, and dentists keep four major risk factors in mind when planning out how to fix your smile.

Periodontal Risk

Periodontal health involves the structures that support your teeth, like the gum tissue and bone. Before dentists perform cosmetic and restorative procedures, they evaluate your periodontal health. Patients with minimal bone loss and minimal gum inflammation would be considered viable candidates for cosmetic surgery, while patients with excessive bone loss and gum inflammation would be considered a higher risk. Dentists will address the periodontal risk factors before proceeding with cosmetic or restorative procedures.

Biomechanical Risk

Your dentist will evaluate the structural integrity of your actual teeth. They will investigate whether your tooth structure has suffered due to decay. If necessary, your doctor will take steps to reduce your vulnerability to decay. This will ensure your restored smile will endure for years.

Functional Risk

Do you suffer from joint pain or excessive tooth wear? These are signs of functional risk, which relates to how your teeth, jaw joints, and muscles in the mouth function together. Patients who have a higher functional risk factor will be evaluated to ensure the whole mouth is fixed, not just the cosmetic look of the teeth.

Aesthetic Risk

Aesthetic risk is far more subjective than the other categories, and it simply has to do with how your mouth and smile look. For example, when some people smile, more of their gums are visible than they would like. With another person, gum recession causes more of your teeth to be visible than they would like. Ottawa dentists take this factor into account when planning cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Your dentist will evaluate all of these factors to ensure you end up with a smile that isn’t only beautiful, but healthy and durable. If you have any further questions about cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, call the Teal Umbrella today to schedule a consultation or appointment. We’re here to help!

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