Our Dental Care Program

The Teal Umbrella is an Ottawa dental clinic that wants to make a difference. We make the patient (you!) the focus of our entire office. You and your family are superstars around here. And your healthy mouth is the goal of everything we do. It may seem obvious, but you’re the reason we’re here. And we show it.

For us, dental healthcare means caring for the patient. It means laying out a careful treatment plan with our Ottawa dentist and following through. It means treating issues when they arise, quickly and safely. And it means maintaining communication with the patient.

But it also means providing an environment that the patient feels safe in. Our office was designed from the ground up to be a relaxing place. The stylish design of our waiting area isn’t just for looks—we try to evoke the feel of a spa where you can relax and take care of yourself. We want our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our Dental Program

At The Teal Umbrella, our focus is long-term. We want to ensure that you have a healthy mouth today and into the future. In fact, we hope that with proper treatment, we will see you in our clinic less, not more.

We focus heavily on preventative dentistry in our practice. Often, we are able to stop problems before they start by providing our patients with the proper knowledge.

At times, preventative treatments may have more to do with nutrition or exercise than direct dental intervention. Because of that, our Ottawa dentists practice holistic dentistry. From our point of view, the mouth is an organ of the body, and if something is not right with the mouth, it may be an indication of a larger health issue.

We Encourage Regular Hygiene

Because we care about our patients’ teeth, we emphasize the importance of regular teeth cleaning by a professional hygienist. Professional cleanings can eradicate problems that toothbrushes and flossing don’t solve.

You may find that, even with consistent brushing, plaque builds up in hard-to-reach areas. That’s what our hygienists are trained to deal with. We perform full cleanings at our routine exams, but we also use that time to screen you for problems that may develop in the future.

 Image of Dr. Samarrae checking a patient's dental health.

We Are a Holistic Dental Solution

Because we’re a holistic dentist, we are aware of the fact that the health of your teeth is impacted by the health of the rest of your body. We take steps to increase our patients’ awareness of the relationships between their teeth and their total health.

In some cases, dental problems can be reversed by a simple change in diet. In others, a change in the patient’s exercise may be necessary. We feel that, if we did not consider these extra-dental options for treatment, we’d be doing our patients a disservice, and committing them to treatment plans that are costly and unnecessary.

And since our staff our trained in dental surgery, we can offer many restorative dental treatments. At The Teal Umbrella, we’re able to treat many oral health issues on site, meaning you get care all under one roof.

We Offer Customized Treatment Plans

We tailor our approach to your needs. At your first appointment, we examine and interview you extensively in order to better anticipate problems that you may develop. We then develop a customized treatment plan for you to follow.

This plan takes into account your personal history, your fears and phobias, and the current state of your oral health. Because we are a holistic dentist in Ottawa, we build into that plan aspects of your total health.


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