We are a family-friendly clinic and we offer dentistry services for kids that will help to ensure that your children’s teeth grow healthy and strong. A child’s first permanent tooth usually appears around the age of 6, but we want to be there right from the very beginning to be there to make sure that your child’s dental health is given the care and attention it deserves.

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What is more important than the health of your child? If your children need a dentist in Ottawa, we have you covered.

Holistic Dentistry for Children

The Teal Umbrella is a holistic dentist for kids in Ottawa. We understand that the mouth is linked to the rest of the body, and so we make an effort to make sure that the children we see are healthy in more ways than just their teeth.

Dental Education

Part of that is making sure they receive good education on tooth care from a young age. Dr. Samarrae educates children and parents about healthy diets and good brushing techniques to help them maintain a healthy smile into adulthood.

Family Scheduling

Our Ottawa family dental clinic offers family scheduling to make your life easier. Are you tired of rushing your multiple children back and forth from the dentist on separate days? With The Teal Umbrella, you can book everyone in at once!

We want to save you time and effort to streamline your life. But most of all, we want to encourage preventative dentistry to keep your children’s teeth healthy throughout their lives. We offer kids dentistry to the whole of Ottawa.

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