Did you know that a smile is a universal sign of happiness? Your dental health is an essential part of your health and of course, your happiness. At Teal Umbrella Family Dental Healthcare, we are bringing a new innovative dental technology to the Ottawa community —the Digital Smile Design (DSD). Here is all you need to know about this brand-new dental technology and why we’re so excited about it.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is an advanced technological tool used to restore a patient’s oral health. This technology has completely revolutionized the dentistry field by accurately analyzing patient’s dental and facial dimensions with the use of digital tools such as videos, photographs and temporary mock-ups. With the use of DSD, dental providers can predict, plan and deliver outstanding results every time. With the use of high-tech imaging and three-dimensional modelling, the patient can have a visual representation of what their smile will look like after the procedure.

What Are The Benefits of DSD?

There are many benefits of DSD, one of which is helping patients to regain their confidence and to maintain good health. Our dental providers will work closely with the patient to ensure that emotional and physical needs are being met. Understanding that each patient’s dental needs are unique will ensure that dental providers are creating the most suitable treatment option for each mouth. During each step of the way, photos and videos will be taken to make sure that each patient is on track with their treatment. The use of digital imaging or software that DSD offers patients peace of mind by creating a visual of the best smile possible!  At Teal Umbrella Family Dental Healthcare, we will treat you as though you were our own family.

Am I A Good Candidate For This Technology?

If your smile is holding you back in life, it is hard to feel confident! The DSD technology is a great option to those looking to re-adjust their facial and mouth structure, making it accessible to just about any candidate.  Anyone who is willing to work closely with their dental professional through every step of the process and wants to create the smile that they’ve always envisioned, it is time to discuss with your dental provider to know if Digital Smile Design is for you.

Be one of the first patients to experience Digital Smile Design in Ottawa! Contact us at Teal Umbrella today to book a consultation, and we will make you smile confidently again.  

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