At the Teal Umbrella, we want your child to like going to the dentist. To help make that happen, we start building relationships at an early age.

Appointments as Early as One Year Old

We encourage parents to bring their children to us when they’re as young as 1 year old. We feel that, by having the child at their parents lap and do quick examination, we can start building that trust early. We recommend that parents follow-up with another appointment a year after later.

The most we do at this early age is examine your child’s mouth, looking for any future issues and making sure that they have good oral health. This is, again, to help them become used to the idea of dentistry.

The first appointment for your child is free of charge.

When They Turn Four

The in depth child exam and full hygiene appointments start at age 4 when all the primary teeth have come in. Some of those primary teeth will stay in your child’s mouth till the age of 13 years old, so we want to try to make sure they are healthy.

We also want to be there before any of the permanent teeth erupted. That way, we can help to ensure healthy development of those precious teeth right from the start.

A modified version of the adult examination is done for our younger patients. In addition to everything done for adults, the child version also includes a cleaning, fluoride application. We also have a meeting with the child’s parents afterwards to discuss findings as well as treatment and home care recommendations.

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of costs upon request.

Ongoing Dental Education for Children

Part of that is making sure they receive good education on tooth care from a young age. Dr. Samarrae educates children and parents about healthy diets and good brushing techniques to help them maintain a healthy smile into adulthood.

Convenient Family Scheduling

At The Teal Umbrella, we are committed to making your life easier. That’s why we offer convenient family booking. Ottawa families rejoice!

Because we allow you to book your entire family in at once, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple appointments and fitting them into your busy schedule. Instead, you’ll be able to load up the minivan, or hop on your bicycles, and take one trip to The Teal Umbrella. We treat the children and the parents all in one booking.

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