We believe that a picture says a thousand words.

We’ve found that sometimes an x-ray is not enough by itself to give our staff a good idea of what is going on in your mouth. For that reason, we rely on digital intra-oral photography as well.

What is Digital Intra-Oral Photography?

It’s a mouthful to say (pardon the pun!) but this kind of photography is just like the photography that you take with your phone, except far more precise and detailed! We use it to get a better image of what is going on in your mouth and identify issues before they become serious. When we see something that we need to examine further, we’ll often take a picture of it so that we can get a really clear idea of what we’re looking at.

Dr. Samarrae believes in the importance of being thorough in everything she does, and this method of photography is just another part of her commitment to providing the best patient care.

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