Read about our team of Ottawa dentists, hygienists and assistants below. Our staff is well trained and can provide you with an excellent degree of oral healthcare, as well as fully bilingual service in many cases. They are always friendly, and always ready to help you smile.

Get to know them below!

Our Dentists

Dr. Sheema Samarrae is an internationally trained dentist, graduated in 1998 with a degree in Dental Medicine and Oral Surgery from the University of Baghdad in Iraq. Working between Baghdad and Dubai and then moving to Canada, Dr. Samarrae graduated with a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery from Schulich Dental School at the University of Western Ontario in 2008.

She is a member of the Canadian Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, The International Team for Implantology, The International Association of Orthodontics and a Fellow of the American Dental Implant Association.

Dr. Samarrae is highly dedicated for ongoing education to acquire new knowledge and experience in order to offer her patients the best dental healthcare possible. She was able to collect more than 1,800 CE courses in the past few years from highly accredited institutes like Toronto Implant Institute, Pikos Implant Institute, Misch International Implant Institute, Pankey Institute, Kois Center, Digital Smile Design Residency and many more.

Dr. Samarrae is also keen toward helping the community and other dentists to provide excellent services in Implant and other restorative dentistry by providing mentoring and training courses to other dentists.

The staff of The Teal Umbrella knows her as a smiley, humble and easy going person. She works hard to help her patients maintain good oral health. She is compassionate, and works to put the needs of her patients first and foremost.

When she isn’t at The Teal Umbrella, Sheema can be found at home with her three children. She loves and enjoys art and hand crafting.

Three years ago, Dr. Anmar (BDS) joined Dr. Samarrae’s associate team at The Teal Umbrella. He loved the friendly environment and the chance to work with other people who prioritize patient care. He is dedicated to listening to his patients’ concerns and to do his best to meet their’ expectations.

Since he graduated in 1999, he has loved to see people smiling with confidence. Helping people to do so is what he enjoys so much about his profession.

Fun Fact: This father of two, loves to play blocks with his sons on his downtime! Dr. Anmar also enjoys playing basketball, and he even used to be a professional basketball player!







Becoming a dentist was destiny for Dr. Anita E (DDS), a 3rd generation dentist from Ottawa. Surrounded by dentists her whole life, she says that she loves dentistry because of “the science, art & human interaction!”

Before joining The Teal Umbrella, Dr. Anita worked for her father and gained valuable experience. Dr. Anita is excited to start a new adventure at The Teal Umbrella, with a team that prioritizes patient-care.

Dr. Anita wants you to know, patients will always be her priority!

Fun Fact: Dr. Anita loves travelling, cooking and exercising. She believes it is essential to live a balanced, active and social life!

Hygienists and Assistants

Kelly has been a hygienist at The Teal Umbrella for six and a half years! She has a considerable following of patients who love the deep cleaning she provides. She’s known for her thorough cleanings, for having her patient’s best interest and comfort at heart and for always helping them make an informed decision about treatment, based on client centred care. As a child, she always enjoyed going to the dentist, so much so, that her mother suggested that she pursue a dental career. And so, she did! Fun Fact: When Kelly is not cleaning people’s teeth, she’s salsa dancing!








You will never have a boring appointment under Adrienne’s care. She is an easy-going and enthusiastic hygienist, who loves to joke around! But, don’t be fooled, just because you leave her chair laughing, doesn’t mean you haven’t learned something or been told to floss more often! As she says, “I promise to make sure you are comfortable in my chair and always learning with a smile on your face!” She became a member of our team two years ago. When she applied for a position at The Teal Umbrella, she was at a place in her life where she was serious about taking her career to the next level and she knew that at our office she would become a better hygienist. Fun Fact: Adrienne was once in a beauty pageant and won by hula-dancing her way to victory!









Tiffany graduated from Dental Hygiene, in 2010, from le C.E.G.E.P de Ste-Hyacinthe, in Quebec. She went on to work in dental offices around the Montreal area. In 2016, she moved with her husband to Ottawa and joined The Teal Umbrella family as a part-time hygienist. From the beginning, she demonstrated that she would always prioritize patient-care. She prides herself on making her patients as comfortable as possible. “I’ve been able to help so many patients reduce their ‘dental anxieties,’” she says. She loves a beautiful healthy smile! Fun Fact: Tiffany is fluent in Hindi, and you could say she has a strong fascination with the Indian culture. “I love Bollywood movies, Indian clothes and Indian food,” she hopes one day to go back to India with her husband.









Fifteen years ago, Elizabeth began her career as a Dental Assistant (also known as D.A) because she was fascinated by the profession and being able to help people. She knew she wanted to be part of Dr. Samarrae’s team when she met her and found they had common views on dentistry and high standards of care. She hopes to always make her patients comfortable and to address any questions, fears, or worries they may have. This energetic, Tapatia (AKA, “person from Guadalajara, Mexico”) born D.A, will always greet you with a smile and take care of you as if you were part of her family. Fun Fact: Elizabeth loves to travel, entertain her friends and family and anything that keeps her active.







Erin Winter is a Level II Dental Assistant for all of the right reasons! She loves working with the public. She has begun to build an excellent rapport with our patients and she has even told us that her favourite thing is to listen to all of the stories that people share with her when they come in for their dental appointments! Erin takes an enormous amount of pride in making sure that all of our patients are as comfortable as possible while they are in our chairs; she loves promoting our Comfort Menu! One of Erin’s goals throughout her career has always been to work closely with patients to help them achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Erin studied dental assisting at CDI College right here in Ottawa and has over 15 years of experience in the dental field! What a great asset for our team!









Keavy graduated as a Level II Dental Assistant from Algonquin College. She’s been working at The Teal Umbrella since December 2017 and has become our Sterilization Centre expert! She considers herself a determined, resourceful and responsible person with a solid core knowledge about infection control, decontamination, and sterilization. Her aim, while working at The Teal Umbrella, is to ensure all dental instruments and surgical instruments used on our patients are adequately cared for and efficiently reprocessed. Fun Fact: Keavy’s favourite pastime is gardening. She says that gardening eases stress and keeps her calm!







Eman considers herself to be a committed, friendly and hardworking Dental Assistant, who graduated as a Level II Dental Assistant in 2016. At the start of 2019, she began assisting Dr. Anmar at The Teal Umbrella Family Dental Healthcare. Her goal is for her patients to know that they are in good hands and they will be very well taken care of. Her favourite part of dentistry is the opportunity to bring confidence to her patients and give everyone a beautiful, healthy smile that they can be proud of showing off! Fun Fact: Eman loves to work out and cook for her lovely family! She says these moments always lifts her spirits and makes her day better.








Five years ago, Tina began working as a Dental Assistant for The Teal Umbrella and quickly became a key part of Dr. Samarrae’s team. Today, her role as a Clinical Coordinator allows her to continue providing the utmost care to our patients by helping them decide to go through with treatment. She considers herself a good teacher; with any diagnoses made, she will do her best to explain the why’s? The what if’s? The what if I don’t? And she will make sure you leave with no questions unanswered. Fun Fact: On her days off you can find Tina either with her daughter or lifting weights at the gym!








Yalin graduated as a Level II Dental Assistant from Algonquin College and was hired a month later at The Teal Umbrella. She truly appreciates this office’s strong focus on cutting edge technologies like BCR and the Itero scanner. She hopes to offer her patient a fast, but comfortable service and to help people have a beautiful and healthy smile. Fun Fact: Yalin is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, and she loves to watch horror movies!









Ayesha is one of our newest staff members at The Teal Umbrella. Before working in the dental industry, she worked for four years as a Personal Support Worker at St. Patrick Home of Ottawa. Ayesha comes with lots of patience, a great sense of humour and a positive outlook on life. Her decision to work for The Teal Umbrella comes from her need to offer patients a trusted and superior level of care, for a better dentistry experience. Fun Fact: Ayesha’s favourite pastimes are watching documentaries, listening to Caribbean music and dancing!