Read about our team of Ottawa dentists, hygienists and assistants below. Our staff is well trained and can provide you with an excellent degree of oral healthcare, as well as fully bilingual service in many cases. They are always friendly, and always ready to help you smile.

Get to know them below!

Our Dentists

Dr. Sheema Samarrae is an accomplished dentist with a wealth of international training and experience. Graduating in 1998 from the University of Baghdad in Iraq with a degree in Dental Medicine and Oral Surgery, she then pursued further studies, obtaining a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Schulich Dental School at the University of Western Ontario in 2008. Dr. Samarrae is a respected member of several professional organizations, including the Canadian Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, The International Team for Implantology, The International Association of Orthodontics, and the American Dental Implant Association.

With an unwavering commitment to continuing education, Dr. Samarrae actively seeks new knowledge and experiences to provide her patients with the best possible dental healthcare. She has completed over 1,800 CE courses from prestigious institutes such as Toronto Implant Institute, Pikos Implant Institute, Misch International Implant Institute, Pankey Institute, Kois Center, Digital Smile Design Residency, and more. Dr. Samarrae also contributes to the dental community by mentoring and providing training courses to fellow dentists, particularly in the field of implant and restorative dentistry.

Known for her warm and approachable demeanor, Dr. Samarrae is highly regarded by the staff at The Teal Umbrella. She is dedicated to helping her patients maintain optimal oral health and always prioritizes their needs. In her personal life, she finds joy and fulfillment in spending time at home with her three children. Additionally, Dr. Samarrae has a passion for art and handcrafting, further demonstrating her well-rounded nature and creative interests.



Dr. Abi Azar is a highly skilled dentist who earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from McGill University. Following her graduation, she further honed her expertise by completing the General Practice Residency Program at the Montreal General Hospital, where she gained comprehensive experience in all aspects of clinical dentistry and emergency care.

Driven by a passion for building strong patient relationships founded on trust, Dr. Abi Azar is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. She prioritizes patient education and employs evidence-based dentistry to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their oral health. As a valued member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in Canada (RCDSO) and the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), she upholds the highest standards of professional excellence.

Fluent in English, French, and Arabic, Dr. Abi Azar embraces linguistic diversity to effectively communicate and connect with her patients. In her leisure time, she finds joy in exploring new destinations through travel, engaging in sports like badminton and swimming, and cherishing moments with her family and friends. Driven by her commitment to patient care and her well-rounded interests, Dr. Abi Azar exemplifies a compassionate and dedicated dental professional.


Our Hygienists

Meet Ryan, a dedicated hygienist driven by his passion for healthcare and the profound impact of hygiene on overall well-being. Choosing the often overlooked field of hygiene as his professional path, he graduated in 2018 and is committed to making a significant difference.

During his leisure time, he finds solace in fishing and enjoys spending quality moments with his beloved wife.






Introducing Jessica, an accomplished dental professional with a passion for providing personalized care and education to patients. Jessica’s journey in dentistry began in 2005 as a dental assistant, setting the foundation for her career. However, her aspirations for one-on-one patient interactions and the opportunity to foster lasting connections led her to pursue a degree in dental hygiene, which she successfully completed in 2011.

Throughout her career, Jessica has found her niche in working with patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Witnessing the transformative power of orthodontics and the joy of patients achieving beautiful smiles has become her specialty. While acknowledging the challenges and lengthiness of such treatment, Jessica prides herself on being a steadfast guide and supporter for her patients, accompanying them every step of the way.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jessica actively contributes to her community as a Girl Guide leader. She also cherishes the role of being a mother to her two beautiful daughters, finding fulfillment in balancing her personal and professional life. With her unwavering commitment to patient care and her dedication to making a positive impact, Jessica embodies the essence of a compassionate and knowledgeable dental hygienist.



Meet Kyra, a dedicated dental hygienist with a passion for working with children and instilling good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Graduating as a dental hygienist in 2019, Kyra found her calling in educating young patients about proper hygiene practices, laying the foundation for a lifetime of dental health. Her own experience with braces as a child sparked her interest in dentistry and becoming a hygienist, motivating her to make a positive impact in the field.

Continuously striving to enhance her skills, Kyra is actively expanding her knowledge in orthodontics, aiming to contribute even more to the dental office and provide comprehensive care to her patients. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kyra finds joy in various creative endeavors, such as reading and engaging in different art projects. She also enjoys playing the ukulele and cherishes the company of her beloved feline companions during her leisure time. With her dedication to pediatric dental care and her diverse range of interests, Kyra exemplifies a caring and well-rounded dental hygienist.



Introducing Alexandra, a compassionate and experienced dental hygienist driven by her passion for helping others and promoting their health and well-being. Starting her academic journey in social sciences and psychology, Alexandra’s desire to make a hands-on impact in people’s lives ultimately led her to pursue a career as a hygienist.

With eight years of experience in the field, Alexandra has found her calling and is confident that she made the perfect choice. Her genuine love for her profession shines through her dedication to educating patients and providing thorough cleanings. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, Alexandra possesses the ability to connect with a diverse range of patients and ensure effective communication and understanding.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Alexandra’s time is devoted to her growing family. She delights in the joyful task of chasing after her daughter, who is just discovering the wonders of running, alongside her faithful Golden Retriever. Through her commitment to patient care and her devotion to her loved ones, Alexandra embodies the qualities of a caring and dedicated dental hygienist.



Admin & Assistants

Stevie, a dedicated professional who joined the Teal Umbrella team in 2019, bringing with her a deep passion for helping and connecting with patients. While Stevie had previously worked in customer service, it wasn’t until she entered the healthcare field that she discovered her true calling. As an administrator, Stevie takes pleasure in assisting patients in navigating their treatment and insurance claims. With her warm and friendly smile, she ensure that all the pieces come together seamlessly for each dental appointment, creating a comfortable and reassuring experience for patients.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Stevie leads a busy life as a devoted mother to twin toddlers and a pre-teen. Outside of work, her time is joyfully consumed with fulfilling the responsibilities and joys of being a mom. With her dedication to patient care and her commitment to family, Stevie embodies the qualities of a compassionate and efficient dental administrator, leaving a positive impact both within the office and at home.



Introducing Victoria, a dedicated team member who has been a part of the Teal Umbrella since 2020. With a genuine concern for people’s health and well-being, Vicki has continuously grown and expanded her skill set. Recently, she underwent training that equipped her with the ability to operate the 3D printer, adding a new dimension to her role within the office. Alongside her passion for dental care, Vicki initially started her career in healthcare as a personal trainer and still maintains her enthusiasm for it.
In the office, you’ll find her lending a helping hand with tasks such as Invisalign, managing supplies, and ensuring everyone receives their birthday cards, showcasing her helpful and attentive nature.

When Vicki isn’t contributing her expertise at work, she embraces an active and diverse range of hobbies. Biking the cross-country trails with her dog, engaging in personal training, and indulging in gaming are just a few of the activities that bring her joy.

Through her dedication to patient care, her multidisciplinary background, and her well-rounded personal pursuits, Victoria embodies the spirit of a compassionate and versatile member of the Teal Umbrella team.



Introducing Adam, a skilled and dedicated Medical Device Reprocessing Technician who graduated in 2018. With experience in both the medical and dental fields, Adam appreciates the tranquil and serene atmosphere of working alone with his instruments. However, he also values being part of a larger team that collaboratively assists and supports numerous individuals.

While Adam’s role may not involve direct patient interaction, he derives immense satisfaction from knowing that his contributions play a vital role in ensuring each appointment runs smoothly. By diligently maintaining the highest standard of sterilization, he ensures that his team has everything they need to deliver the utmost level of care to patients. Adam takes great pride in his work, knowing that he plays an essential part in upholding safety and quality standards within the healthcare environment.

Through his commitment, attention to detail, and dedication to his profession, Adam exemplifies a professional who takes immense pride in his role as a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician.



The Teal Umbrella is comprised of a dedicated and diverse team of staff members who contribute their expertise in various roles to ensure a seamless and efficient dental experience for patients. From chair-side assisting to treatment management, insurance handling, office management, IT management, and patient appointments management, each team member plays a crucial part in the smooth operation of the practice. With their collective efforts and specialized skills, they work collaboratively to provide high-quality care, exceptional customer service, and a welcoming environment for all patients.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that every patient has a convenient and pleasant experience in our care.




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