Preventative Dentistry

The best cure for many conditions is prevention. At The Teal Umbrella’s Ottawa dental clinic, we follow that adage to the letter. We offer plenty of advanced dental treatments, but we hope that, by taking care of your teeth before they decay, we’ll help prevent problems before they start.

A large part of our strategy to prevent dental problems is the routine exam. During these exams, you’ll be carefully examined by our expert dentists for signs of future disease and decay. You’ll also receive a full cleaning from our hygienists, which can help to prevent future issues from occurring.

Our Preventative Dentistry Services

Because the goal of every dentist should be prevention, we make it a major focus at our clinic. Dr. Samarrae and her team are constantly reassessing your dental health to help make sure that you remain free of disease.

Here is a list of our preventative dentistry services:

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