Do you feel insecure about the odd shape or size of your teeth? Enameloplasty could be a fitting solution for you. Also known as tooth reshaping, this cosmetic dental treatment effectively works to remove minute amounts of your tooth by “shaving” down the enamel in order to alter the look and balance out your smile. It’s commonly used to remove an overlap, create a rounded or square shape that matches other teeth, or to shorten teeth that are slightly longer than the rest. As a minimally-invasive procedure, it’s an ideal solution that’s simple, quick, and doesn’t require any sedation.

How Does It Work?

At Teal Umbrella, our dental team will first begin by taking X-rays to assess the pulp of the tooth to make sure it’s not too close to the surface to be impacted. Your dentist will also look thoroughly at the condition of your tooth enamel to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If the enamel is too worn down and thin, they may recommend other options instead that won’t further weaken the enamel, such as veneers. If your tooth is suitable for enameloplasty, the dentist will start by marking the specific area that needs sculpting with a marker. Then they will begin to file the enamel carefully using a small diamond-tipped drill or another sanding instrument to correct any mismatched contours along the teeth. Once that’s complete, they’ll finish up by smoothing and polishing your teeth. Since this method does not impact the pulp or nerves, it’s generally pain-free and doesn’t require any numbing treatment beforehand.

Are There Risks?

Like with any treatment, there are some minor risks involved when having tooth reshaping performed. Most notably is the potential for a crack or break to occur in the future. For some patients, the shaving process can cause the enamel to thin out as a result, which can leave it more vulnerable to chips down the road. But your dentists will outline all of the potential risks involved and ensure you receive the best treatment to prevent any of them from happening to your teeth.

Who’s a Good Candidate for This?

Tooth reshaping is suitable for those who only need minor adjustments or repairs done to their teeth. If one tooth is slightly chipped, crooked, pointy or grooved, you could be a good fit. Conversely, those with serious decay or unhealthy teeth and gums are not appropriate candidates.

To learn more about this effective treatment and whether it’s right for you, reach out to our team at Teal Umbrella today.

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