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Are you upset about the appearance of your teeth? Maybe your teeth have begun to yellow slightly, stained by the consumption of too much coffee or tea. Or maybe you’ve experienced some chipping or bruxism. Whatever the reason, at The Teal Umbrella’s Ottawa dental clinics, we want to make sure that you are happy with your smile.

Regular Dental Visits: The First Step to Beautiful Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry starts in the hygienist’s chair. By ensuring that you maintain your schedule of routine exams, you’re already helping to head off any future issues of cosmetic dentistry. At every routine check-up, our hygienists will give your teeth a thorough polishing, eliminating any surface stains or other imperfections.

These routine exams and cleanings also help prevent plaque build up that can cause decay. Because dental decay is one of the major causes of aesthetic issues, routine visits are the best way to ensure that your smile stays as beautiful as ever.

There are, however, some issues that cannot be cleared up by a routine visit. In these cases we offer a wide-variety of cosmetic procedures.


Veneers are little caps placed over the fronts of teeth to cover flaws. Though there are many materials that can be used to make veneers, we often recommend using porcelain because of its natural, tooth-like look.

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Cosmetic bonding

If you have smaller chips or you are uncomfortable with the idea of veneers, cosmetic bonding is a good option for you.

Cosmetic bonding is a way to cover up dental flaws without using a fully constructed veneer. Our dentists apply a small amount of bonding material to the affected area. The material is then shaped and sculpted to blend in with your smile.

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Porcelain Crown and Bridge Treatment

Because we want your treatments to enhance your smile, we often recommend porcelain for our crowns and bridges.

A crown is a tooth restoration that sits over top of your existing tooth. It is used to prevent further decay.

A bridge is a method of replacing a missing tooth. It is an artificial tooth supported by a crown on each side. The crowns are attached to your existing teeth, holding the bridge firmly in place.

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Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth take on stains. Certain food, like blueberries, and drinks have staining properties that penetrate through your tooth enamel and leave lifetime stains on your teeth.

Since polishing and brushing can’t remove these stains, it’s necessary to pursue more aggressive bleaching techniques to remove them.

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