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If your teeth have been cracked or otherwise damaged, you may find yourself uncomfortable in social situations, covering up your teeth or smiling less. Having a disfigured tooth is unpleasant. It affects your self-confidence and keeps you from enjoying your life the way you otherwise would.

The solution may be to get a veneer. These are little caps that are bonded over top of your existing teeth. They are designed to naturally blend in with your surrounding teeth and can improve the look of your smile.

Usually, veneers are made out of porcelain because of the tooth-like quality of that material.

When compared to composite veneers, porcelain veneers are stronger and have a more natural look. Porcelain tends to reflect light in a way that more effectively mimics natural teeth, which helps it blend in better than composite.

The Teal Umbrella’s team of dentists and support staff want to make sure that your veneers blend in effectively. That’s why we usually recommend porcelain veneers. And because porcelain is a stronger, denser material than composite, you can count on your veneers to last longer.

Veneers can help conceal the following issues:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Discoloration

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