How to Know You’ve Found the Right Dentist

How to Know You’ve Found the Right Dentist

Do you get excited to go to the dentist? Mark it on your calendar with a bright yellow circle around it made to resemble a happy face and watch the date come nearer with great anticipation? Not likely. Most people do not love going to see their dentist, no matter how nice of a person they are. For the majority, a trip to the dentist is more of a nuisance than a cause for excitement. However we feel about the trip, it is still an important one to make, and having the right dentist can really make the experience pleasant.

How does the waiting room look?

The waiting room is the first impression you have of a dental clinic, so you expect it to be clean, sanitary, comfortable, and inviting. Do you feel at ease when you sit down? Our office is designed to be comfortable and calming. For instance our waiting room is painted teal, a calming colour. From the moment you enter, you feel right at home.

Does your dental care team make you feel comfortable while in the chair?

This is important because let’s face it, having your gums poked and your teeth scraped is not by default a happy and pleasant experience. If the person working on your teeth offers you comfort items, it shows they are concerned with your comfort while in their care. They should understand that the bright lights they require to look deep into your mouth may not be the most comfortable for you to be looking up at. Is there music playing in the background? It’s difficult to hold a conversation with your dental hygienist or dentist while they are working in your mouth, so having music as background noise can make a big difference for the patient’s comfort levels.

At Teal Umbrella, we offer The Comfort Menu, a range of comfort items available at no extra change! Get cozy with a blanket and neck warmer, tune out with relaxing music, or squeeze your anxiety away with a stress relief ball.

Keeping up with your dental health doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or scary experience.  Maintaining oral health is in our best interest and ensuring we have the best dental team in place to help us achieve our goals is the first step!

At The Team Umbrella, we care for your family like we’d care for our own. Book an appointment today and discover the Teal difference.

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