The key to having a beautiful white smile is to know which things discolour your teeth easily and how you can keep the stains to a minimum. So if you want picture ready white teeth, read on as we identify some of the most common things that stain your teeth and what you can do to brighten them.

Fruit Pigment

Fruits may be packed with healthy antioxidants, but they also contain pigments that can dye your teeth. Bright coloured fruits like cherries, pomegranate, blackberries, and blueberries, commonly stain the surface and alter your teeth’s white colour over time.

Acidic Sauces

Besides the dark pigments present in fruits, sauces that are acid-rich, like tomato sauce, can also tarnish your pearly whites. The acidity makes your enamel more porous, rendering them susceptible to the dark red pigments of the sauce that leaves stains.


Your favourite cup of Joe may be great for your energy boost, but it’s also bad for your teeth. Coffee contains tannins that can discolour your teeth, leaving a noticeable dark hue that is hard to get rid of.

Colourful Spices

Believe it or not, the spices you add to your food may be turning your teeth yellow over time. Bold spices like turmeric and curry have pigments that can stain the surface of your teeth when ingested often.


One of the biggest things that stain your teeth is wine. The dark tannins in red wine can turn your teeth ugly purple shades. And the acidity in white wine is known to erode the enamel, allowing other substances to stain the surface of the teeth.


Tobacco smoke and chewing tobacco can also cause unsightly dark stains on the teeth. These stains worsen over time and are often difficult to get rid of without stopping smoking altogether.


Certain antibiotics are known to discolour teeth when administered to children whose teeth are still developing. Other medications like antipsychotic drugs, high-blood pressure medications, and antihistamines have also been shown to discolour teeth.

If you’re experiencing unattractive stains on your teeth, it might be time to make some simple lifestyle changes. By quitting smoking, reducing your alcohol content, and improving your dental hygiene, you can reduce the onset of stains. A bi-yearly trip to your dentist is also necessary if you really want to have pearly whites to show off. Only a dentist can give you a deep clean and recommend a plan to treat to combat future staining.  When you’re ready for the ultimate white smile, come see us at Teal Umbrella.

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