Your Gums are as Important as Your Teeth

Rule number one: don’t forget about your gums! Your gums are just as important as your teeth. Yet, we often forget about the importance of our gums and how they impact our overall health. To help you take better care of your gums, read on to learn more about why your gums are so important and why they deserve more of your attention during your daily brushing.

What Makes Our Gums So Important?

You know what your gums are, but do you know what they’re made of and what they do? For starters, your gums are made up of tissue covered by a mucous membrane that works to keep your mouth nice and clean. Their main function is to keep your teeth in line and to anchor them into your mouth. Additionally, they help to absorb any shock that your mouth endures and work inline with other tissues to perform important functions. In short, they are what keep your teeth in position and help you to chew and speak properly.

Why They Need Care?

Without proper gum care, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing gum disease and periodontal disease. Gum disease has also been closely associated with other degenerative diseases. So without proper care, you could become susceptible to a number of health issues.

What Happens When We Neglect Our Gums?

Similar to our gut, our mouths also host a number of complex bacteria. When you take proper care of your gums, they are protected from disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. However, when you don’t give your gums the attention they need, you open yourself up to bacteria that can wreak havoc on your oral cavity and even your overall health. To prevent this from happening, you need to properly brush and floss your gums every single day. You can also improve the health of your gums by avoiding cigarettes, eating a healthy diet of essential nutrients and vitamins, and visiting your dentist as recommended.

How To Identify A Gum Problem?

If you experience bleeding when brushing, or if your teeth appear somewhat loose, you should immediately visit your dentist to have them inspected and treated, if necessary. Your gums should also appear light pink in colour – any changes to a pale or white colour may indicate health issues.  The sooner you find any issues, the more likely it can be reversed. Providing your gums with the proper care they need and visiting your dentist when recommended, is the best way to keep your gums in good shape.

Your gums play a vital role in your oral health and are just as important as your teeth. That’s why at The Teal Umbrella, we take the time to give your gums the attention they need. Every checkup provides routine gum care and inspection to ensure your oral health is in check. To learn more about our services or to schedule your next appointment with our clinic, contact us today!

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