5 Ways You Can Convince Your Kids that the Dentist is Fun

Do you have a child who really dislikes going to the dentist? Well, you’re certainly not alone. The different environment, sights, and sounds are new to them, so it’s natural for kids to feel a little scared or nervous when they have to pay a visit for a check-up. Luckily, there are some ways you can convince your kids that the dentist is fun! Here are a few ideas to help make those trips to the dentist easier for everyone involved.

Take them to the Dentist at an Early Age

Like with almost anything, the more often you do something, the easier it usually gets. That’s why we always recommend starting your child off on the right foot by bringing them in for their initial dental visit nice and early. Around the age of 3-6 months is usually ideal since they’re not quite as fearful by all of the new things around them. You can help foster a more positive association with the dentist this way.

Avoid Using any Negative Words Regarding the Dentist

Kids pick up on a lot of what we do and say as parents. That’s why it helps to be careful about how you talk about the dentist when they’re around. We understand it can be a little nerve-wracking for adults too, but try to avoid using any negative words when they’re around. This can set a negative tone and correlation even before they step foot inside a dental clinic.

Buy Some Kid-Friendly Dentist Books

Today, you can find all sorts of nifty dentist-related books that are designed to help kids understand what it means to take care of their teeth, and what the dentist is all about. Using visual media and colourful books can help promote a more positive impression, so they don’t feel so scared when it’s time for a cleaning.

Play Dentist at Home

Another great way to convince your kids that the dentist is fun is by making it into a game. Play pretend dentist at home to help get them to become more acquainted with some of the actions and details that they’ll experience on their visit. You can dress up, get them to count their teeth, check and say “ah,” and make it enjoyable as they learn.

Take them to a Family-Friendly Clinic

The reality is, every dental clinic differs from the next. And some can be more kid and family-friendly than others with games or a more soothing environment where they can feel more at ease. That’s why we recommend shopping around to find a dentist clinic and team that can offer the right services and environment to help your little ones feel more comfortable.

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