Stained Teeth? 4 Ways to Remedy the Situation

Stained teeth got you down? Don’t fret! There are a number of solutions out there to help remedy the situation and get your confidence back. Here we’ll show you the most popular methods to get a whiter smile without breaking the bank.

Natural Remedies

Some people swear by natural tooth whitening remedies for removing minor stains. Baking soda, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are all popular products that offer whitening effects. However, these are only useful when trying to remove basic food stains and will not penetrate deep into the enamel to remove more stubborn marks.  

Tooth Whitening Paste

Whitening paste can also be effective at removing minor stains, but the results are often inconsistent. In fact, the paste won’t change the colour of the teeth. Instead, they will only remove the stains on the surface. If you’re looking for whitening that actually changes the colour of your teeth, then you need something that can penetrate deeper.

Custom Teeth Cleaning

Getting a brighter, whiter smile that you can be proud of requires a high-tech system that is only offered at a clinic. At The Teal Umbrella, we offer advanced treatment options that can effectively fix your stained teeth and get your confidence back. For our patients, we offer a specialized treatment called Spa-Dent® whitening system. This process is specially designed to improve the colour of your teeth by using LED lights to help jump-start the whitening process. Then we either recommend Pola In-Office whitening, which is 33% faster than other dentist-only whitening products, or a home whitening kit, or a combination of both depending on your goals. In a matter of weeks, you can gain a beautiful and vibrant white smile.


Cosmetic dentistry is also an excellent tooth whitening option. In certain situations, we also recommend veneers to fix badly stained teeth. These little caps are bonded over top of your existing teeth in order to hide stubborn stains. And at Teal Umbrella, we prefer to use porcelain veneers because of their incredible strength and natural look. By covering any stained teeth, you can quickly improve the look of your smile.

When you’re looking for the best results for your teeth, come see us at The Teal Umbrella. We offer the safest and most effective teeth whitening solutions on the market for our patients. To learn more contact us today.

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