Remember to Think About Your Teeth this Christmas Season!

It’s time to start thinking about your teeth and gums during this coming holiday season. With so many sugary sweets and treats that get consumed during this time of year, you can easily damage your enamel and cause cavities to develop. That’s why it’s vital to take extra care of your teeth and gums throughout the Christmas season by following these five tips.

Snack Only at Mealtime

The longer sugar stays in your mouth, the more bacteria develop. That’s why it’s crucial to snack only at mealtime when your mouth is already producing ample amounts of saliva. The saliva will help to neutralize the acids and rinse away food particles.

Avoid these Treats

Sticky toffees, boiled sweets, and chewy candies should be avoided as much as possible. These types of treats tend to stay in our mouths longer and get lodged in between the teeth. This allows bacteria to form acids that wear away the enamel before we can brush them away. Instead, opt for cheese, fruit, or sugar-free gingerbread cookies whenever possible to reduce the acid levels in your mouth.

Brush Three Times a Day

During the Christmas season, it’s essential to brush three times a day and floss once a day for optimal oral health. If you find it difficult to stick to a normal routine during this time of year, carry a pack of sugar-free gum that will increase saliva production and help to protect your teeth and gums between meals when brushing isn’t possible.

Carry a Travel Kit

Better yet, make sure to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in a travel kit. This way you can always sneak in a quick cleaning after eating and drinking to help keep the bacteria at bay.

Visit Your Dentist

There’s no better time to get a check-up than right after Christmas. Your dentist will give your mouth a thorough cleaning to help remove any food debris and treat any plaque and tartar that may have accumulated over the holidays.

The Christmas countdown is on! So make sure you have your appointment booked in at The Teal Umbrella so keep your oral health in check after the holiday season.

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