How to Make Fun and Healthy Lunches for Your Children

How to Make Fun and Healthy Lunches for Your Children

It’s not easy getting your kids to eat healthier, especially when they’re fussy eaters. That’s why it’s important to get a little creative and whip up some wholesome, nutritional options that are simple for you and tasty for them. Here are our top ideas for getting your kids on board with healthier eating.

Prep Ahead of Time

When we’re rushing to whip up lunches, it can be too easy to grab the unhealthier options since they’re often fast to make when you’re pressed for time. So instead, give yourself plenty of time by prepping in advance and making their lunches the night before. You can even set aside one day a week, like Sunday, to get some of the major prep work out of the way. This could include cooking up some chicken breasts, cutting up vegetables, and so on. Giving yourself time not only makes it easier on you, but it also gives you more opportunity to think about what to make for them.

Keep Healthy Grab-and-Go Snacks on Hand

In addition to doing some meal prep for lunches, don’t forget to add some snacks into the mix. As parents, we know that our kids are always looking for something to munch on throughout the day. Having healthy options, like slices of vegetables, fruits, and nuts readily available, will encourage them to eat more nutritious items as opposed to junk.

Make Life Easier with Wraps

Wraps are always a favourite way to concoct lunches that are fast, easy, and nutritious. This helps cut down on the carbs and lets you make a wide range of varieties — chicken caesar wraps, greek style wraps, grilled veggie and quinoa wraps, and much more.

Think Outside of the Lunchbox

Remember to think outside of the lunchbox. Rather than sticking to standard sandwiches and lunch items, try to shake up what you’re making for them. Facing the same thing day in and day out as a kid isn’t very exciting. So try to find some ways to add unique twists to their lunches and offer something different to keep them from opting for junk at the vending machine or cafeteria.

Having a wholesome and nutritious diet is not only important for your kids’ health, but it’s also vital for the health of their teeth and gums. Remember — when it’s time for a check-up or cleaning, give us a call at The Teal Umbrella to book your (or their) next appointment.

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