Does Your Dentist Use Laser? Here’s All You Need to Know

The field of dentistry has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last hundred years. Your dentist’s office went from doing anesthetic-free teeth extractions to having futuristic-looking machines and equipment. Now, there are so many new things to make your visit to the dentist comfortable, pain-free and not scary at all! Not only have the anesthetic and sedation developments guarantee a painless cavity fix or wisdom tooth extraction, but the equipment and machines got upgraded as well. The tools and equipment you see isn’t just scalpels and drills now, it’s also high-tech x-rays and the latest laser technologies. What could laser be used for and why is it so effective? Find out in this article about the treatments laser is best suited for and its benefits:

Laser Treatments and Procedures

Laser dentistry has come into widespread use in the past two decades and is becoming the preferred method of treatment for dentists. It’s used to identify and treat cavities, remove tooth decay and bacteria during root canals, as well as safely removing veneers, and benign tumors and ulcers. Lasers can even speed up teeth whitening procedures for optimal, fast results!


Benefits of Using Laser in Dentistry

Dentists love using laser for these treatments because it’s highly effective. Not only is it much more precise, but also way faster, making the patients as comfortable as possible. It’s also very safe, which is why it’s been recommended by official dental associations as an alternative method to traditional methods.


Why Laser?

Besides the benefits above, laser is also preferred because it provides more consistent results due to its precision and accuracy. The beam of concentrated light can target exact needed areas and with the latest lighting and zooming technologies, this can create ideal results. Using laser also guarantees less chance of bacterial infection because it won’t leave wounds behind as a traditional tool would. Laser has a sterilizing effect which kills bacteria and greatly reduces the risk of getting an infection!


Laser is Faster than a Drill

A drill in dentistry has been used for decades but it’s quite slow, which means you’re probably spending more time at the dentist than you’d like to. This is especially uncomfortable for children or the elderly, who are more sensitive. Well, laser is the key to this! It’s much faster than a drill and ensure faster treatments every time.


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