Do I Really Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Do I Really Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If your dentist recommends that you have your wisdom teeth removed, it’s important to follow their advice. However, there are times when the decision isn’t completely clear. To understand why and whether you really need to get your wisdom teeth removed, read on.

When It’s Absolutely Necessary

Many dentists believe it’s better to remove the wisdom teeth at a young age before the bones are fully formed and the teeth have a chance to cause any problems. It’s a preventative routine measure that many dentists take because evidence shows that problems often occur if you don’t remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted. But is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth that aren’t causing any problems? Not always. When they’re causing pain, gum inflammation, damage to nearby teeth, extensive tooth decay, repeated infection or are causing swelling and cysts to form, then it’s absolutely necessary to remove the wisdom teeth.

What Happens If They’re Left In?

Teeth that erupt in an upright and proper position often don’t need to be removed. As long as they are not causing any pain and there’s room for them to grow, they can stay in place. Only when they are impacted or are causing problems should they be removed. When impacted teeth are left in, they can push on surrounding teeth, causing alignment issues, cysts, and tumors around the gums, and cause decay which can lead to other issues like gum disease. Your dentist will be able to determine the right course of action.

How to Tell if Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out

Not all symptoms are obvious. You could have a problem with your wisdom teeth and not yet realize it. To ensure that your wisdom teeth are coming in properly and safely, it’s important to see your dentist regularly. They’ll take x-rays to determine the position and condition of all your teeth and then make a recommendation based on their findings. If you don’t feel comfortable with their recommendation, there’s no harm in seeking a second opinion.

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