At The Teal Umbrella, we do our best to offer comfortable root canal therapy. Does that sound like an oxymoron? It shouldn’t. Utilizing dental equipment and sedation technologies, we are able to make your root canal therapy as comfortable as possible.

And we are able to address your concerns about the procedure before going forward.

What Is a Root Canal?

This is sort of a trick question. Most people refer to root canal therapy (or endodontic therapy) as “a root canal,” but a root canal is actually a physical structure in every one of your teeth. Each of your teeth is filled with dental pulp that extends down into the roots through thin canals. This pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that bring oxygen to your teeth and keep them healthy.

Usually this tissue is very beneficial to your teeth. But it can become infected. This usually happens when there is a large cavity in the tooth that lets bacteria penetrate into the root canal.

When this happens, your tooth is at risk of developing an abscess. An abscess occurs when the infection spreads from the root of the tooth into the tissues of the jaw bone. Abscessed teeth are very painful, and cause swelling.

If left too long, the abscessed tooth may lead to serious oral health problems. The nerve of the tooth can die, and if the infection is left too long, the tooth may as well. That is why root canal therapy is so important.

We Take Care of Your Root Canal

We do our best to make your root canal therapy go as smoothly as possible. You’ll be in control of the procedure at all times.

And for those who are nervous, we offer sedation options.

Dr. Samarrae’s staff at The Teal Umbrella is professional and qualified.

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