Ottawa is an active city. There are plenty of bike paths and sports arenas. Children can join leagues that cater to their favourite sport. Mountain bikers have access to the Gatineau Hills. Unfortunately, this also means that we see plenty of tooth injuries.

We see football players that have broken their teeth on the inside of their mask. We see children who have fallen off their bike and chipped a tooth. All of these injuries could have been prevented by the use of athletic mouthwear.

Athletic Mouthwear for an Active City

Dental injuries are painful and often costly. If you or your child is currently playing sports, or if you’re looking for a little extra protection while bike riding or mountain climbing, you might want to consider getting a mouth guard.

We offer mouthwear from UnderArmour. Sheema Samarrae and her team of dentists at our Ottawa dental clinic will take a cast of your or your child’s teeth and use it to fabricate a customized mouth guard that will help protect your beautiful smile while you engage in all the activities you love.

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