Protecting Your Child’s Dental Health

Once your child’s baby teeth fall out, they have one set of teeth that need to be protected for the rest of their lives. Help promote your child’s dental health with these tips:


You should bring your child to the dentist as early as the age of one. Your pediatric dentist will examine your baby’s mouth to check their oral health and see if there are signs of future dental problems. Once your child turns four, they are ready for regular checkups with their pediatric dentist. Appointments should continue every six months throughout childhood to check for cavities and prevent dental problems.

Behaviours to Avoid

Children may develop certain habits that are bad for dental health. If you give your baby a bottle filled with milk or juice, it could lead to tooth decay. Thumb-sucking can affect the alignment of teeth, causing an overbite or lead to a need for braces down the road. Some kids regularly grind their teeth out of stress or anxiety, which can wear down tooth enamel and cause jaw problems. Help your child avoid these behaviours that can affect dental health.


Your child is probably very active in sports. Catching a wayward elbow or puck in the mouth can cause a lot of pain and lead to chipped, cracked, broken, or missing teeth. Help protect your child’s teeth by investing in a fitted mouthguard for all sports activities. Your child can get a custom-formed mouthguard that is comfortable and protective.

Avoid Bad Foods

Acidic or sugary foods can wear down the enamel on your child’s teeth, while sticky foods can cling to your teeth and cause cavities. Avoid food and drinks like soft drinks, juice, hard candy, and dried fruits. Encourage your kids to drink water and eat foods that are high in calcium, like milk and yogurt.

Good Routine

A proper dental routine starts in childhood. Even when your child is a baby, you should gently clean their teeth with a piece of gauze and rinse with water. Help your child with brushing and flossing until they have the manual dexterity to do it themselves. If you make it a routine to brush and floss twice daily, it becomes second nature and these good habits will stick with your children as they enter adulthood.

Set your child on the right path for life with these dental health suggestions.

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