Conquer Dental Phobia Thanks to Sedation Dentistry

Forget fear of snakes, spiders, and sharks. Fear of the dentist (dental phobia) is a very common issue that affects about 1 in 10 Canadians. People with dental phobia are afraid of pain, feel embarrassed, or don’t like feeling helpless or having to cede control. If you struggle with dental phobia, it can stop you from getting routine dental care and result in much unnecessary discomfort and pain.

People with dental phobia often put up with painful conditions much longer than they should, and let a nagging toothache or cracked tooth deteriorate into much more painful conditions that can even affect their overall general health. In avoiding routine dental checkups out of fear, they endure years of pain and usually end up in the dentist’s chair anyways, but with a much more serious condition that takes far more work and money to fix.

If you struggle with dental phobia, there is hope. Sedation dentistry can help you conquer your fears and get the dental care you need, whether it is a routine cleaning or a more intense dental procedure like a wisdom tooth removal or root canal. Speak with your dentist about which sedation options is most suitable to make you comfortable.

Mild Sedation

Mild sedation is offered in two different formats. With oral sedation, the patient takes a prescribed oral medication before the appointment. By the time you are sitting in the dentist’s chair, you will be completely comfortable and at ease. The other form of mild sedation is nitrous sedation. Your dentist will sedate you with nitrous gas. While you are under mild sedatives, your dental team will monitor your heart rate and breathing rate and make sure you are relaxed and safe throughout the entire procedure.

Moderate Sedation

Your dentist will also offer moderate sedation, either by IV or oral medicine. Your dental team will sit down with you beforehand. The level of sedation will differ based on your fear and anxiety level, so your dental team will talk with you beforehand and administer a dose that puts you at an optimal comfort level. With IV sedation, the dose can be adjusted to ensure you remain fully comfortable throughout the entire procedure. You are pain-free, but completely conscious.
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