Patients First

Your First Visit | Family Dentist in Ottawa

Reviewed by Dr. Sheema Samarrae A Welcoming Family Dentist at The Teal Umbrella in Nepean At The Teal Umbrella, we understand the importance of finding a…

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experiencing dental stress?

Experiencing Dental Stress? Heard of Our Comfort Menu?

If you have a fear and phobia of the dentist, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, one in four patients dreads their visit to the dentist.…

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Close-up of a young boy in a sports jersey putting in his mouthguard

Protect Your Teeth with Athletic Mouthwear

Athletic or performance mouthwear is for men, women, and children who participate in sports and want to protect their teeth. Ottawa is a very active city,…

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A woman receives a dental treatment

5 Signs That Conscious Sedation Dentistry May Be Right For You

For many, the dentist’s office brings up feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Holding off on seeing the dentist for as long as possible, individuals dread…

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