Protect Your Teeth with Athletic Mouthwear

Athletic or performance mouthwear is for men, women, and children who participate in sports and want to protect their teeth. Ottawa is a very active city, and people of all ages love to play team sports, go biking, or go skiing in the Gatineau Hills. Whether you play a team sport like hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, rugby, or lacrosse, or like to stay active with biking, tennis, and golf, you can benefit from a mouthguard.  

Is It Really Necessary?

Athletic mouthwear will allow you to protect your teeth in the best way possible, allowing for maximum performance. Never again will you get pulled out of the game in overtime because you got hit in the face with a puck or took an elbow to the mouth. Stay safe, healthy, and in the game. In athletic events, this results in a much better performance at the task at hand. This innovative dental appliance is used by athletes around the world ensuring them a performance much more efficiently and effectively.

Ok, What’s The First Step?

The first thing you’ll want to do is schedule an appointment with your Ottawa dentist. Dr. Sheema Sammarae and her friendly team will make an impression of your top and bottom teeth, and an impression of your regular bite. The whole process is quick and painless. After this step, the impression will be sent out so your athletic mouthwear can be made to order. Your mouthguard is usually ready within ten days or fewer.

So, is it Only for Intense Sports?

No. The mouthwear will be suited to fit your needs, whether it’s for low-contact, or high-contact sports. Low-contact is usually, tennis, baseball, swimming, and weightlifting.  For high-contact sports like rugby and football, or similar the mouthwear will offer you the most amount of protection to ensure your teeth do not suffer any injuries from errant balls/pucks/sticks or collisions with other players.

Usage and Customization

Our mouthwear comes with the ability to customize the decals and colour bite pads. Children and adults alike can wear these mouthguards. If you were braces, have missing teeth, or a dental injury, talk to your dentist first about addressing these issues before wearing any gear. If you do not have these problems but would like to get more information, your dentist at the Teal Umbrella is happy to help.

How Do I Clean It?

Always rinse your mouthguard after each use – water or basic mouthwash is fine. Clean your athletic mouthwear with a toothbrush and toothpaste (or just soapy water) after each use. Let it air dry and then store it in a cool, dry container with ventilation.

Check it out, try this product for yourself and see the difference in your athletic performance. Dr. Sheema Samarrae and the friendly team at our Ottawa dental clinic are here to help with all your athletic mouthwear needs!

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