Understanding the Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is probably something you don’t want to deal with, especially if you are a social person. Unfortunately, even those who have excellent dental hygiene can still suffer from bad breath despite their good habits. Seeing a dentist in Ottawa is one way to stay on top of things, but understanding the causes of bad breath can help you remedy the problem long before you make it to the waiting room.

How the Foods You Eat Cause Bad Breath

We all know that eating onions and garlic can make you less kissable, but did you know that some of your other favourite foods can actually cause you to have bad breath as well? It turns out that the chemicals contained within each particle of food eventually break down in your digestive system, and each person’s body is different. At the time of digestion, those foods release a foul gaseous odour that seeps into your bloodstream and lungs and then ultimately causes your breath to smell.

The Habits You Keep

If you don’t find it necessary to brush and floss your teeth every day, then you are probably going to have really bad breath most of the time. Poor dental hygiene is the number one cause of bad breath and halitosis (a chronic condition that causes your breath to stink constantly despite traditional measures). The habits you keep play a very important role in how pleasant your breath is. Add tobacco use to the equation and things only get worse. In fact, poor dental hygiene alone is enough to cause gum disease and gingivitis, but smoking makes developing these conditions even more likely.

The Moisture Level of Your Mouth

Having cotton mouth is definitely uncomfortable, but it means more than that you simply need a drink of water. When your mouth doesn’t have enough saliva to remove food particles and bacteria, your breath begins to suffer. Dry mouth, or sometimes called xerostomia, happens a lot when you sleep with your mouth wide open, which is why you often wake up with “morning breath.” Perhaps keeping a glass of water by the bed would be a good idea.

Infections and Medications

Those who suffer from some sort of dental infection are more prone to having bad breath. Tooth decay, gum disease, and mouth sores are major culprits, but so are certain medications used to treat those dental issues. In fact, a lot of non-dental medications can cause dry mouth that, as you know, can lead to bad breath and other dental health problems. Speak to your dentist for more information about treating the side effects of your current medications.

For more information about how to counter bad breath, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Ottawa. Don’t forget, regular cleanings by your dental care team at the Teal Umbrella are very important to keep your mouth fresh and healthy and help stave off bigger problems down the road.

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