5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Your Child

We all know that good dental health is extremely important, but tell that to a child who just wants to play. Finding ways to make brushing fun for your child is easier than you might think. Just try to imagine yourself as a kid who is being forced to do something about which you known very little. You probably wouldn’t want to do it either. So, start thinking like a child and begin making this a fun experience for your young one.

Buy Brushes with Character

Giving your kid a standard toothbrush might be a little less expensive, but it won’t do anything to make the experience more fun. Children want to pretend and imagine every second of every day, and who are we to deny them of that simply because we want to prevent cavities? Buy brushes that feature their favourite characters like Dora the Explorer or Spider-Man and encourage them to brush up with a friend. Just make sure whatever toothbrush you use has the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval, or as your pediatric dentist for recommended brands.

Brush with Them

The best parents lead by example, and if giving your child a friend to brush with is working then you might want to think about how you are influencing them. Brushing alongside your kid makes them feel big and important, and setting up a routine is a great way to spend some quality time with your little ones before they head off to bed.

Try Interactive Brushing

Interactive brushing is something we didn’t have as kids, and today’s children really seem to love it. Nowadays, kids can use toothbrushes with dazzling lights set to timers, which are specifically designed to make proper brushing a more pleasurable experience for tiny learners. These brushes aren’t too expensive either, and can be found with your child’s favourite characters and logos as well.

Make It a Contest

Kids really seem to like working towards a goal, especially when accomplishing that goal gives them pride. Try creating some kind of “bright smile competition.” It should be about who brushes and flosses the best in the family, and there will need to be a judge. Be sure to let your child win every now and then so they will feel encouraged to continue the next time.

Buy Good Tasting Toothpaste

Your children will be more likely to brush their teeth and have fun with it if they like the taste of their toothpaste. For kids, having minty fresh breath isn’t their greatest concern. For parents, having kids with healthy teeth is important. So, meet your children in the middle with some toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum or strawberry and get them over the sink more willingly.

Ask your child’s pediatric dentist from the Teal Umbrella for more recommendations on creating healthy dental care habits for children.

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