Is Conscious Sedation Right for You?

Is Conscious Sedation Right for You?

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears in Canada, behind only snakes, heights, and fear of injury. If you’re one of the people who feel apprehensive and anxious as soon as those dental appliances start buzzing, you might find it near impossible to sit in the chair without shaking in your shoes. Here are The Teal Umbrella, we completely understand and we are sensitive to this fear. For this reason, many of our patients choose sedation while at our dental clinic to help them relax and maintain calmness regardless during the procedure. For many people, sedation can be the difference between a happy smile and a life of pain, avoiding much-needed dental treatment.

How to Find Out if Conscious Sedation is for You

Conscious sedation is a method of sedation which helps patients maintain a calm disposition while still being able to communicate with their dentist. Conscious sedation isn’t for everyone however, so it’s best to find out the nitty-gritty details before jumping into a decision.

You Get Stressed Out in the Chair

There are people who experience high levels of stress as soon as they sit in the chair. If the stress you feel while in the dentist’s chair is beyond reasonable, it’s probably a good idea to ask for conscious sedation.

You Become Too Scared to Step in The Clinic

Some of us might become so scared of dentists that we decide to skip sessions and appointments all together. There are even stories of patients choosing to soldier on through the pain of a broken tooth just to avoid their appointment. It’s never a good idea to skip out on meeting with your dentist, especially if you’re having dental problems. Being too scared to visit your dentist might seem like enough reason to miss out on proper dental care, but conscious sedation will help you muster the courage to walk in – no matter what the problem.

You Don’t Like Being Unconscious During Operations

Blacking out during operations with strong sedatives might not be the best thing to think about for a lot of patients. Many of us don’t want to be clueless when it comes to dental procedures. If you want to keep a sense of control during your appointment, a conscious sedation might be ideal for you.

You Want to Be Able to Talk to Your Dentist During the Procedure

You might want to be awake during the procedure, so you can answer questions from your dentist and have a fear-free understanding of the procedure. Conscious sedation will allow you to communicate with your dentist while keeping cool and collected all throughout the session.

Conscious sedation is just one of the sedations options that we offer at The Teal Umbrella. Speak with your dentist and together we’ll come up with a plan that works around your fears and concerns so you can get the treatment you need.

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