Overcome Dental Phobia with IV Sedation

Overcome Dental Phobia with IV Sedation

What if I told you that there’s an effortless way for you to see the dentist without having to deal with your fears head on? With IV sedation, you can easily overcome your dental phobia during your next visit. And if the idea of needles or sedation concerns you a little, it shouldn’t – the procedure is safe and has little to no side effects.  The medications used work to create a calming and relaxing state of mind and also shorten the perception of time. So, if you’ve been avoiding important dental procedures or surgery, now is the time to beat your anxiety and get your oral health in order. For more information about the benefits of IV sedation, read on.

Safe and Tested

Dentists who administer IV sedation are required to engage in extensive training and education before being certified to provide the procedure. And when it comes to sedation dentistry, the IV method is one of the safest forms. The medications go to work quickly and leave your system rapidly with little side effects.

Ample Pain Relief

When it comes to the dentist, most people fear pain in relation to the dental equipment. With IV sedation, your dentist can ensure you receive the right amount of numbness to the area necessary to block out any pain you may experience during the procedure.

Maintain Alertness

Unlike a full anaesthetic that puts you to sleep, you’ll still remain alert enough to communicate with your dentist. In most cases, patients experience the feeling of elevated grogginess until the symptoms wear off.

Compresses Time

One interesting effect of IV sedation is that it can compress time. This allows you to believe that your visit was much shorter than it really was, which can be great for those who become uncomfortable during lengthy procedures.

Relaxes Your Body

Another benefit is that IV sedation helps to relax your body by producing a calming, amnesia-like effect. When you are relaxed, the doctors can provide you with the best amount of care. Plus, the medicines can also help to reduce any muscle tension or soreness you may have been experiencing.

Minimal Side Effects

Best of all, there are little to no side effects with using IV sedation. Most patients will recover quickly from the effects, and may only experience a slightly dry mouth or an amount of nausea till the medications completely wear off.

Skipping out on dental procedures can cause lots of other health issues down the road. So if visiting the dentist causes you fear and anxiety, then why not try an IV sedation before your procedure to help calm your nerves and ensure you get the oral care that you need? It’s the perfect solution to calm your fears.

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