Everything you Need to Know About Adult Orthodontics

Everyone knows that only kids get braces, right? Wrong. There are plenty of adults rushing to the orthodontist’s office these days, looking for the perfect smile they always dreamed about. There are many reasons why it makes sense for adults to seek out orthodontic help, and adults currently make up a large percentage of orthodontic patients in Canada.

Why now?

The reality is that parents twenty years ago may not have been able to afford braces for their children, so why not use your extra money to invest in your smile? More patients are seeing results quicker and easier than ever before, with the average adult only wearing braces for around a year or two instead of the several years you may have seen others wearing braces as a child. Orthodontics have come a long way in terms of appearance and functionality as well–with the “brace face” metallic look a thing of the past for many patients. While you can still get the metal braces, the brackets are smaller and less invasive overall and there are myriad options for plastic and clear braces that are barely noticeable to most people. You can also chose Invaslign, clear aligners that are barely visible.

As we age, the lack of a perfect smile feels more noticeable especially as those around us continually improve their appearance with similar cosmetic dentistry procedures. With the average income of households on the rise, more adults than ever are choosing to make an investment in their health and appearance in this very visible way.

Keeping healthy

Not only are straight teeth more attractive, they are healthier as well–and not just for your teeth! Teeth that overlap or are pushed together form a very attractive place for bacteria to land and grow, and the bacteria that cause plaque on your teeth are known to be linked to plaque in your arteries as well. This buildup of food between ill-spaced teeth can also lead to gum disease and periodontal disease in the future, two very painful and long-lasting issues that can lead to tooth loss and additional decay.

Teeth can move at any age

Some people falsely claim that says adults over the age of 18 should not get braces because their teeth will not move safely. This is simply not true. Teeth of any age can move freely once the correct force of braces is applied. While some mouths change naturally, others have teeth that shift as a result of an impact or injury, or simply growth after braces were worn in your youth. No matter the reason, orthodontics for adults are a great opportunity to improve your smile and your outlook on life at the same time.


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