Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

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Although enamel is the hardest substance in our body, the wear and tear of everyday living can chip away at the strength of that barrier that helps protect and maintain our teeth. So here are few handy tips about how you can prevent enamel loss.


Improve Diet

Many of the foods and drinks we consume daily have ingredients such as sugar, high acidic content, and starches that are abrasive and destructive to the enamel of your teeth. Candies, pop, and alcoholic beverages are just a few examples of the things to reduce and avoid within our diet.

Avoid Aggressive Tooth Brushing

It’s important to know how to properly brush your teeth in order to ensure that you’re not doing more damage than good. Ensure that when you brush, you aren’t placing a lot of pressure against your teeth. To help avoid this, purchase a toothbrush with an oscillating head. That way you can gently place the toothbrush against your teeth and allow the toothbrush to do most of the work more thoroughly. Ask your dentist for further assistance.

Guard Against Grinding Teeth

Grinding of your teeth is associated with high stress, and has become a more common occurrence nowadays. It generally occurs during sleep when our jaws clench and our teeth inadvertently grind together. This constant motion can occur for hours as we drift away into sleep. That is why it’s important to have regular check-ups with your dentist in Ottawa. Your dentist can recognize the signs and supply you with a mouth guard to prevent further damage.


So how do you know if your enamel has been damaged? Look for any of these signs and then consult with your dentist:

  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold substances
  • Indentations or marks that show where you bite or chew
  • Easily cracked or uneven edges of teeth
  • Slight yellowing of teeth


Now that you know some of the symptoms, how do can repair any damage? Well first, consult with your dentist. But here are a few tips that can help rebuild enamel:

  • Eat foods that are high in calcium – many people will suggest dairy, however with the increasing evidence that displays the negatives effects and common intolerances in our body that are associated with dairy, try to seek out alternative sources such as collard greens, fish, or even seafood and legumes.
  • The next time you go to buy a toothbrush, look for an oscillating, soft brush. These bristles are less rigid against your teeth.
  • Go for a proper cleansing whenever it is recommended by your dentist.

Our enamel is like the armour of our teeth. Without it, they can become brittle, sensitive and weak. Follow these steps to avoid the wear and tear against your armour, and always visit your dentist for a proper cleansing to prevent any damage from occurring. Contact The Teal Umbrella to book your next appointment!

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