Nail Biting & Your Smile

Nail biting is one of those pesky bad habits that many people can form from an early age. And whether it’s nerves, or just a simple bad habit, you’ve got to kick the habit for the sake of your oral health. Each time those nails are pressed up against the mouth and teeth, it can pose some serious health effects over time. So if you or someone you know has a chronic bad habit of biting their nails, here are a few reasons for why it’s time to quit.

Can Crack and Chip Teeth

For as strong as your teeth are, they can also be extremely fragile given the right circumstances. And consistently biting on your nails is one way for them to easily chip and even crack. This is especially true for the front teeth since they usually do most of the biting and simply aren’t as strong as the rest of your teeth.

Can Move and Shift Teeth

Each time your nails are pressed up against your teeth, they can be doing more damage than you may realize. Shifting and movement of teeth has been shown to occur as a result of this action. So unless you want to ruin all of that work that your braces did – stop biting.

Can Cause Gum Infections

Think of just how many things your hands and nails touch throughout the day. Now think about how frequently you place them in your mouth. All of those germs and bacteria are being carried into your mouth each time. Over time this can lead to some serious infections along the gum line and heighten the risk for gum disease.

Can Result in Bad Breath

As bacteria and germs constantly find a way into your mouth, they can fester and lead to a bad taste. This can cause you to develop bath breath over time.

As you begin to kick the habit, wash your hands frequently and ensure to brush your teeth and tongue twice a day, while utilizing an anti-bacterial mouthwash to boost up that oral hygiene.

Biting your nails is a bad habit that can endanger your oral health. Each time you place your fingernails in your mouth and bite down, all of those germs throughout the day are being transported in there along with it. So if you’ve been considering quitting the habit, do so for the health of your gums and the welfare of your teeth.

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