Going Back to the Dentist after Years of Absence

If you’re guilty of avoiding the dentist for years, you can take comfort in knowing that you are certainly not alone. There are millions of people who skip their visits to the dentist each year, for various reasons. But there comes a time when you realize that avoiding the dentist for whatever the reason may be, is no longer sustainable.

Since your teeth and gums play a significant role in your overall health, it is imperative to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned at least once a year. Of course, going back to the dentist after years of absence can cause some stress and may require more than your average cleaning.

Here’s what you can expect when going back to the dentist after years of absence.

The Duration of Appointments will be Longer

The first thing you can expect is that your first initial appointment will take longer than your average cleaning. When you’ve neglected your teeth and gums for a long period of time, there will be more for the dentists to perform, such as X-rays, fillings, and a good thorough cleaning.


Cavities are a common cause of tooth decay and are more frequent in teeth that haven’t been professionally cleaned in a while. Although the treatments are relatively pain-free, it’s important to be prepared for some treatments and repairs that go beyond a thorough cleaning. You may need to come back for a follow-up appointment if restorative treatments such as root canal therapy or wisdom tooth extraction is required.

Feelings Discomfort

Many people simply don’t enjoy getting their teeth and gums treated and feel discomfort even in the most comfortable and relaxing environment in the safest of hands. But visiting your dentist on a regular basis is the best way to minimize discomfort and avoid any build-up or damage. Visiting the dentist is a factor of life that is very necessary and important for your health. We offer The Comfort Menu to all of our patients to make the visit as relaxing as possible. We also offer a range of sedation options including oral sedation and IV sedation to provide a phobia-free visit.

Consultation of Next Steps

Once you’ve made the official return back to the dentist, your dentist may want to consult with you and form a game plan for revitalizing the look and health of your teeth and gums.
Making that first appointment after being absent for so long can be stressful. But it just takes a little courage and patience. Your oral health is important, so be honest with your dentist and be patient during the treatments. Do not be afraid or self-conscious. Remember, dentists have always seen worse, and you should be proud that you took the step to book an appointment in the first place. Your dentist is there to protect your teeth and alleviate pain, so book your appointment and discover a healthier, happier smile.

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