Is Teeth Whitening for You?

Is Teeth Whitening for You?

Tooth discolouration can occur from a variety of factors such as consuming dark beverages like coffee and cola, smoking, or sustaining nerve damage or illness. No matter what the cause it, improving the appearance of teeth can have a major impact on your confidence and smile. It’s no wonder why teeth whitening has become such a popular and in-demand treatment.

But what exactly does it entail? If you’ve been considering getting your teeth whitened, here are some facts about the treatment and process that will help you determine whether it’s right for you.

Options for Whitening

Since ridding your teeth of discolouration has become so necessary, there have been a variety of treatments that are available to use these days. You can use whitening strips, gels, lasers and UV lights, to name a few. But not all treatments are created equal. Some, for example, can give you those pearly whites you’re hoping for, but they can also end up damaging and weakening your tooth enamel during the process.

Recommended Treatment

The treatment that is most recommended by most dentists are whitening gel trays that are customized to fit over your teeth. Not only are they comfortable and effective, but they are also much safer for your teeth and gums. Since the gel is made from hydrogen peroxide, it allows oxygen to penetrate the enamel without harming it, while removing the coloured substances. It doesn’t affect the structure of the tooth or the health of your gums.

This is both safe and effective when used under the care of a dentist, and it’s the safest whitening procedure available.

Application and Results

In order to get the best possible results, usually seven to ten consecutive treatments are recommended, but even with one treatment you will be able to see a difference. Follow-up treatments in the future – once or twice a year – are also common as patients seek touch-ups for their teeth.

Discoloured teeth can happen to anyone. And thanks to teeth whitening treatments, you can enjoy your vices and still have a pearly white smile to show off to the world. If you’ve been debating about whether whitening treatment is the right route for you, talk to your dentist in Ottawa. They can inform you thoroughly about the various options available and provide you will all of the necessary information to make the best choice for sprucing up your smile.

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