We are a team of Ottawa dentists, hygienists and support staff and we love what we do. Whether it’s cleanings, fillings, or regular check ups, we love seeing the smiles on our customer’s faces – smiles we helped to keep healthy!

Under the leadership of Dr. Sheema Samarrae, DDS, we’ve been working to make our community a healthier, more smiley place to live. We are a new kind of dental clinic, one that offers a high degree of patient care in combination with friendly staff and a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.

The Origin of the Name

Staff-Photo-Box_LogoWhen Dr. Samarrae acquired the clinic, she knew it would need a new name. After playing with a number of options, she realized that the symbol of the clinic lay in a simple gesture one of our team did to help a client—one rainy day, they walked a patient from their car to the office, shielding them from the rain with their umbrella.

The thought occurred to her that this was an ideal symbol of the clinic’s total commitment to its patients. The teal umbrella meant protection and underscored her commitment to protecting and taking care of her patients’ health.

Our Ottawa dental clinic is named The Teal Umbrella as a symbol of our goal of providing total coverage and patient care. Our practice is like an umbrella. We provide many services within one office, and in the same way that an umbrella protects you from rain, we are able to protect you from all manner of dental problems.

Umbrellas keep you dry, and we do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible. We consider your comfort to be an important priority in all of our procedures.

Our office is designed to be comfortable. Our waiting room is painted teal, a calming colour, and the colour of our logo!

We offer a number of extras to show we care: spa menu for your comfort,warm drinks in the waiting area, a mouth-rinse before and after every appointment, and warm towels after you’re done. You can read more about our clinic and services here.

A Conveniently Located Ottawa Dentist

We are located in the heart of Ottawa, at Merivale near Meadowlands and our patients come from all over the city.

If you’ve recently moved to the city and are looking for a dentist in Ottawa, we offer excellent services at a convenient location.

Feel free to stop by and meet our friendly staff. We are open from 8pm to 4pm Monday through Thursday, and can help you find emergency services outside of business hours should the need arise.

For more information contact us now! Or if you’re ready to book an appointment, click here.

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