Dentist FAQ

We want to make sure that we answer all of your questions. At The Teal Umbrella, our first priority is our patients. If you have any questions at all, you can always ask our expert dental staff at our Ottawa dental clinic.

Yes! If you call our main office after hours, the answering machine will refer you to our emergency contact number.

Note that we may refer you to another dental office for treatment in the event of emergency and when our dentist is out of town.

To get emergency service, please call 613-225-9201.

While in certain cases the freezing can last for up to 3 hours, usually your numbness will disappear in about an hour and a half. The length of time is generally related to the complexity of the procedure.

Note that a longer acting anesthetic may be used in surgical procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal. Such anesthetics may take as long as 24 hours to leave the system completely.

Yes! You’ll be able to eat as soon as you leave our Ottawa dental clinic. Once upon a time, this wouldn’t have been possible, but current restorative materials bond quickly and securely.

So go ahead! Eat that hamburger! Your fillings will be fine.

At our Ottawa dental clinic, we feel that it’s important to maintain a consistency of care. For that reason, we try hard to make sure that you will see the same dentist.

You will meet your dentist during your first appointment, and it will be your dentist who performs your first exam. We want to make sure that your dentist has as much access to your information as possible.

Yes you can! There are several biking trails near our office. Because Merivale Road is too busy for bikes, we recommend taking side streets on your way.

For more information, check out our cycling and parks page.

The recommended frequency of visits varies depending on your individual dental health. For example, if you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, we may recommend that you come more often.

Generally speaking, we recommend at least one visit every six months.

The reason for this is that teeth need to be cleaned by hygienists in order to reduce plaque build up in places that regular brushing just does not work for.

At every cleaning you will be given a routine exam to check for any signs of periodontal disease or other more serious problems. The more often these exams are done, the better. We want to catch issues before they evolve and become more serious.

For more information, see our routine exams section.

At The Teal Umbrella’s Ottawa dental clinic, our team of dentists, hygienists and support staff is dedicated to your health. And part of that is ensuring that you receive a complete first exam.

The first exam may last as long as 1.5 to 2 hours. We want to be extremely thorough in our first assessment of your dental health. We’ll be building a customized treatment plan based on this first appointment, so a complete exam is absolutely necessary.

Yes! Our Ottawa dental clinic is very friendly to children. Our waiting area features a play area for children of young ages, and we have an excellent selection of children’s books.

Children should be scheduled for their first dental visit around the age of 3. Our friendly team of dentists and hygienists do everything in their power to make that first visit a positive one.

A positive first visit is important. It helps to solidify relationships with dental staff and may help to prevent dental phobia from developing later in life.

But the first appointment is certainly not the beginning of your child’s dental care. Dental care should begin with the cleaning of gums soon after birth, after each feeding.

Baby teeth should be brushed as soon as they appear using an infant toothbrush.

Remember to always supervise your children’s brushing to ensure they don’t develop bad habits and that they do not swallow fluoride toothpaste.

For more information on dental care for children, visit our clinic or read our page on family dentistry.

Usually, darkened teeth are caused by our personal habits. Drinking red wine, coffee and tea can cause stains to penetrate the teeth, working their way into the enamel. Smoking is also a major cause of tooth discoloration, but there are others.

Certain medications can cause tooth discoloration, as can the build up of tartar. For tartar build up, routine exams and cleanings can help to mitigate the problem.

If your teeth have been stained, you may want to consider whitening. We offer whitening services that can help your teeth return to their natural shine.

Most dental plans are designed to offset dental care costs and often do not cover every aspect of dental care.

Check with your supplier to see what is covered, what is not, and what your rates and deductibles are.

Good dental care becomes increasingly important throughout life. In old age, gums recede and bones reduce in size, both processes that can expose the roots of teeth. Once roots are exposed, they require even more care as they are more likely to decay if plaque is not taken care of. For that reason, it is recommended that seniors visit the dentist more often.

Because of reduced saliva, seniors may experience a problem known as burning mouth. This condition may also be caused by dentures that do not fit properly, or by medications that may dry the mouth.

To combat burning mouth, we prescribe special rinses that sooth the painful sensations and protect oral tissues.

Lack of saliva can also produce a condition known as xerostomia or dry mouth. Dry mouth is often a side effect of medications, but it is treatable. For dry mouth, we can prescribe special toothpastes, gums, or saliva substitute solutions that help to mitigate the problem.

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