In moments of stress, we sometimes grind our teeth. This is perfectly normal, but when you find yourself grinding too often, you may be causing damage to your teeth in the process.

This activity is called bruxism. It can cause worn, or even broken teeth. To prevent it, The Teal Umbrella educates our patients about the dangers of teeth grinding, and can fabricate mouth guards to be worn during the night.

Bruxism is a very common problem. Reportedly, 8-31% of the population experiences it on a regular basis. Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of teeth, and it often results in tooth wear, breakage, or problems with decay and other issues.

If you notice that you are waking up in the morning with a sore jaw or pain in your teeth, you may be experiencing night bruxism. This kind of bruxism is more common than day bruxism, and unlike day bruxism, is completely out of your control.

Niteguard can help

To help alleviate night bruxism, our team at The Teal Umbrella can make you a customized mouth guard to wear at night. This mouth guard will help prevent wear on the teeth from grinding and prevent the need for more advanced restorative treatments.

Niteguards are totally customized to the patient’s mouth and teeth and are to be used at nighttime to reduce the bruxism, clinching, and grinding action the patient does while sleeping.

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