What Type of Toothbrush Do You Require?

Brushing your teeth daily ensures proper oral health and hygiene. But with so many different types and brands of toothbrushes that are available, it’s hard to know which one you should choose. A soft-bristled manual toothbrush? A hard-bristled electric?

In this article, we will help you discover the different types of toothbrushes so you can easily choose the best one for superior dental health.


Your toothbrush is designed to clean away bacteria and plaque from your teeth, gums, and tongue. So naturally, people often assume that firmer bristles are better for removing plaque and stains from their teeth. Yet this isn’t entirely true.  Hard bristles can actually damage your gums and enamel.  Especially for those people with sensitive teeth and gums, you could cause your gums to recede. Dentists generally recommend medium or soft bristled toothbrushes depending on your level of sensitivity.


There are many different head and bristle shapes available. Cup shapes are good for cleaning around the teeth and lifting stains. Diamond shapes can help reach into the tight spaces especially at the back of the teeth. The diagonal patterns, or criss-cross shapes, are best used to clean both the sides of the teeth and gum line. And toothbrushes that have longer bristles are used to clean better in between the teeth.

With almost too many options available, it’s best to talk with your dentist. They can help you decide what variation is best for your teeth.


The brush head of your toothbrush will come in various sizes that are designed to fit different sized mouths. If you choose a toothbrush with a head that is too big then you might not get into all the spaces and crevices within your mouth. Finding the right fitting toothbrush is a must.


When it comes to picking a type of toothbrush, you are faced with selecting between a manual, a spinbrush, or an electric model. The manual toothbrush uses the power and force of your hand to clean your teeth. A spinbrush on the other hand, is battery operated and will cover the teeth with more power in less time than a manual model.

Electric toothbrushes are similar but will last you much longer – they are rechargeable and many also come with excellent warranties. Electric brushes are also great for people with hand and shoulder issue as the brush does all the work for you. Plus, most brands come with different types of heads you can choose from and also have a dual action motion of oscillating and spinning to give you a better clean with less effort.

Choosing a toothbrush is one of the most important steps to maintaining good oral health. If you are still not positive which toothbrush you should purchase, reach out to your dentist to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.

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