What to Do If You Chip Your Tooth

woman in a dentist chair

Your teeth are incredibly strong. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t easily break or chip. A chip in your tooth can be caused by any form of sharp impact towards the tooth, such as being hit, falling down, or even banging a cup against it mistakenly.

Chipped teeth are a common occurrence and one that’s often not too serious if it’s merely a superficial chip and doesn’t extend beyond the enamel of the tooth. But having a chunk missing from your tooth can affect your confidence and can also feel unpleasant as you run you tongue along that jagged edge.

If you ever end up with a piece missing from your smile, here are some steps to help you deal with it properly.

Rinse Out Your Mouth

Whether it’s a severe chip or a minor one, it is always wise to rinse out your mouth once it’s happened. Your mouth is a very sensitive area, and one that can be very prone to infections. By rinsing your mouth out with a mixture of warm water and salt you can ensure that your mouth is clean and there’s no bacteria lingering around that could cause any potential infections.

Use an Ice Pack to Reduce Swelling

If your chipped tooth happened to be a result of an impact to the face or even a fall, apply an ice pack to your face, focusing on the area where the tooth was chipped to reduce the swelling. If you notice that your mouth is bleeding at all, then place clean gauze to help stop it.

Make an Appointment with your Dentist

You need to have your dentist check out the status of your tooth and mouth as soon as possible, especially if your chip was the result of a hit to the face. Depending on the extent of the chip, the dentist will polish it to smooth out the jagged edges, apply fillings or bonding to the teeth, or provide a crown or even veneers if necessary.

Place Sugarless Gum or Dental Wax Over Sharp Edges Temporarily

If your dentist is unavailable to see immediately, you can use sugarless gum or dental wax as a shield against those sharp, jagged edges of your teeth. This will help protect your tongue and cheeks from rubbing against it until you can visit your dentist.

Don’t let a chipped tooth impact your smile and your confidence. If it occurs to your teeth, use these steps to deal with it and always make an appointment to have your dentist monitor and repair it.

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