Keeping your Kids Sweets to a Minimum

Hot chocolate, soda, and home-baked treats – with the winter in full swing, it can be hard to keep the kids away from all the sweets that are lingering in the house. And as a parent, you know how painful it can be to deal with the aftermath of all that sugar. So to help you avoid the hyper aftermath and any damage to their oral health, here are some helpful tips to remember for keeping your kids sweets to a minimum.

Portion Control

It’s important to teach your children some portion control early on to avoid any heavy doses of sugar. When dessert time rolls around, and there are several options on the table, allow your kids to choose only their favourite. Alternatively, if they prefer to taste each one, allow them to have only a small portion of each item. Limiting their portions at an early age will not only benefit their oral health, but it will also help them form a healthy habit of self-discipline as they grow up.

Limit Sugary Drinks

The winter is perfect for indulging in ample amounts of hot chocolate and pop. It can be easy to ignore or forget about the amount of sugar these drinks contain, especially during, the colder months. But try to keep your children’s intake to a minimum.

Set A Good Example

An important step in keeping your kids sweets to a minimum also means setting a good example. Since children as always watching and learning from their parents, it’s important to exert some self-discipline as well. Avoid overindulging on the sweet stuff and piling up the desserts. Try to incorporate more natural options instead and limit your portions too.

Add Some Healthy, Natural Items

Why not incorporate some delicious healthier alternatives to your traditional menu? With the abundance of natural products these days, it’s easier than ever to swap out the junk for healthier, natural ingredients. For example, try using natural cocoa for homemade hot chocolate, swap out sugar for agave and other natural sweeteners, or try using applesauce in place of butter for your baked goods. You can find plenty of great recipes with simple, healthy alternatives that can make your menu healthy and just as tasty.

Get Active

Even with the winter wonderland outside, there are still plenty of fun ways to get off the couch and stay active. Make time to get the kids outside in the fresh air so they can move around and burn off the excess energy. Going skating, tobogganing, or even making a family of snowmen are all simple, fun and effective ways to get the whole family up and moving. Plus, it’ll help keep their minds preoccupied and away from those sweet and sugary cravings.

It’s so much easier to teach your kids about moderation now so they can develop healthier habits as they grow up. So, keep your kid’s sweets to a minimum by using these helpful tips.

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