Kids in Sports? Protect their Teeth with Athletic Mouth Guards

Did you know that millions of kid’s teeth get knocked out each year during sports play? That number could be significantly reduced if parents knew more about the benefits of protecting their kid’s teeth with athletic mouth guards. If you think the cost of a mouth guard is a waste of money, just consider the amount of time, aggravation and money it could save you in the long run if your child does sustain an injury to their mouth.

If you have kids in sports, here are a few reasons why they should always protect their teeth with athletic mouth guards.

Wide Range of Protection

Any sport that involves flying objects or physical contact is a high-risk activity that’s prone to tooth damage. So if your kid is a soccer, rugby, baseball, hockey, or football player, they should definitely be wearing a guard. But it’s also wise to have them put one in when they are also enjoying recreational sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, and horseback riding where nasty falls are common.

Saves You Money

If an impact does occur and a tooth gets chipped, broken or knocked out altogether, it could end up costing you so much more in the long run. You can save lots of money by using preventative measures now and spending a fraction of the cost on a mouth guard.

Custom Made For The Right Fit

Mouth guards fabricated by your dentist are designed to be the perfect fit. They are much more comfortable than the store-bought versions, which means your child will be more likely to wear it. Custom guards also have more thickness than other models and provide the best protection possible from hefty blows.


Your child might even be excited when they learn that many of the athletic mouthguards come in a variety of colours. They’ll be more likely to use it if they can pick their favourite colour or match the guard to their team’s colours.

Simple to Maintain

Another plus is that it’s easy to maintain. All that is required is for the guard to be brushed with toothpaste and rinsed with mouthwash. Once dried, it can be placed back into its plastic container until it’s time to be used again.

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