7 Reasons to Consider Teeth Reshaping

7 Reasons to Consider Teeth Reshaping

Do you feel bothered by having mismatched teeth? Would you like to change the shape or length of a tooth to match the surrounding teeth? Dentists can easily reshape and contour your teeth to fix minor irregularities and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Learn more about teeth reshaping and why you should consider contouring your teeth. 

What is Teeth Reshaping?

Also known as dental contouring, teeth reshaping is a cosmetic technique that removes tiny pieces of the enamel to change the shape, length or surface. It’s often done to correct crooked or cracked teeth but can also be used to decrease overlaps, create a rounded appearance and enhance the uniformity of your smile. 

How Is It Done?

Teeth contouring is fast and pain-free. In less than 1 hour, you can be in and out of the dental office. To start the procedure, your dentist will first take X-Rays to evaluate the tooth that you would like to fix. If the condition of your enamel is sound, they will remove small amounts of the outer surface of your tooth with a drill or laser to trim and reshape the teeth as desired. After the contouring is complete, the teeth will be polished to ensure they are smooth. 

Reasons to Consider Teeth Reshaping

There are many reasons to change the size, length and surface of your teeth. Here are the most common ones:

  • Your teeth are unequal in length
  • You have a slight overlap
  • A single tooth appears to be too long or too large compared to the rest
  • There are bumps or imperfections on the surface of your teeth
  • You have chipped or cracked teeth you would like corrected
  • You have teeth that look pointed that you would like rounded or squared out
  • You’d like subtle changes to make your smile look more appealing

Other Benefits

Teeth contouring can be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening for more dramatic effects. Bonding and veneers can also be used in conjunction to address larger imperfections.

If you have minor irregularities that you would like corrected and you think teeth reshaping might be a solution for you, contact us at the Teal Umbrella to book your appointment today. Our dental team will be happy to have a detailed discussion with you about the cosmetic dentistry treatment options available to achieve the exact results that you desire. 

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