4 Reasons We Love What We Do

4 Reasons We Love What We Do

If you ask any member of our team why they got into dentistry in the first place, they’ll tell you that they did so because they love helping people. Not all clinics can say the same. Here at the Teal Umbrella, we care immensely about our patients, so much so that we also provide a number of services to help them other aspects of their health including cancer screenings, mouthguard fittings, sleep apnea solutions, and more. 

We Love Seeing Progress

The pride we have in our work is more than just helping our patients maintain good oral health and hygiene. It’s also about seeing the progress that can happen when we put the right oral plan in place. Every day we have someone walk through our doors suffering from oral pain or feels embarrassed about the look of their smile. Helping people get the relief and confidence they need to live a happier more fulfilling life is one of the many reasons we look forward to coming into work every day.

We Love Working with a Great Team

Beyond the joy we get from working with our patients, we also love the team environment that we have in our clinic. The Teal Umbrella employs some of the nicest, most friendly assistants, hygienists, and dentists in all of Ottawa. Having an upbeat team that cares and likes what they do makes all the difference. Not only does it make the work environment more enjoyable for all of us here, but it also allows us to offer a more positive environment to our patients.

We Love Learning

If there’s one thing for certain it’s that dentists are lifelong learners. Every day we see many different conditions come across our dental chairs. Not only does this keep us on our toes but it also drives us to learn and study every day. To survive in this field, you have to love working in an ever-changing environment and be one of those people who is addicted to learning and continuous growth.  

We Love Helping People Overcome Hurdles

We understand that not everyone has a work insurance plan that helps to cover the costs of dental work. This can often leave some people with the difficult decision between putting food on the table or visiting the dentist. That’s why at the Teal Umbrella we offer discounts and financial support for those who need it. We believe that everyone deserves a smile no matter of their financial status. We take pride in offering everyone the care and peace of mind they need without worrying about the underlying costs associated.

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