Caring for a Child’s Oral Health Before Teeth Come in

Healthy dental habits should start right from the beginning, even before your baby’s first teeth emerge. And, it’s essential to have a good foundation for when those teeth do start to grow in since tooth decay can develop very quickly. Here are some helpful ways to care for your children’s oral health before their teeth come in so they can continue to develop good dental habits as they continue to grow.

Avoid Giving Them too Many Sweet Things

Babies aren’t born with a natural sweet tooth. This is something they develop as parents introduce them to sweeter things. But it’s important not to give your baby too many natural or added sugars since they turn into acid, which is caused by the bacteria that are present in their mouth. This can allow bacteria to thrive and grow, which can impact the health of their gums and mouth. So try to limit or avoid giving your child sugary drinks or milk, especially before you put them down to sleep.

Wipe Gums After Feeding

Now’s the perfect time to start setting the foundation for good oral habits with your child. As mentioned, bacteria can linger in the mouth, especially after feeding time. So before your children’s teeth grow in, always use a warm, wet cloth and gently wipe your baby’s gums once they’re done feeding. Make sure to do this each time after they’ve consumed something to keep their gums healthy and bacteria-free. In some baby stores or pharmacies, you can also find soft rubbery coverings that fit over your finger. These can also come in very handy for wiping away any left-behind residue.

Ensure Your Baby is Getting Flouride

Flouride is very beneficial for keeping both gums and teeth strong and cavity-free. And, during this stage of development, your baby should be getting some small dosages of fluoride through their drinking water. But, depending on your source of water, your baby may not be getting any. So talk to your dentist about this, and they will recommend supplements if need be.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

Once their first tooth grows in, or around their first birthday, it’s usually a good time to schedule their first dental appointment. The dentist will inspect their mouth, gums and tooth and offer recommendations to ensure they’re on the right foot for maintaining a healthy smile.

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