Why Doesn’t Everyone Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Wondering why you or someone else in your family still has a few baby teeth? Don’t fret. There are some cases where the baby teeth don’t always fall out. Here are a few of the most common circumstances of why you or your child might not lose their baby teeth. 

No Replacement Tooth

A missing replacement tooth is the most common reason why some people don’t lose their baby teeth. If the permanent tooth fails to develop properly, there won’t be an adult tooth to replace it. 

Not Properly Aligned

Sometimes, people end up with their baby teeth because the underlying adult tooth cannot push its way through. Why does this happen? Normally, a permanent tooth will start to push against the roots of the baby tooth causing these roots to dissolve. Once enough of the root structure has disintegrated, the baby tooth will become loose and eventually fall out. If the permanent tooth is not properly aligned below, it can miss the roots of the baby tooth, causing the permanent adult tooth to push through in front or behind the baby one. 

Not Enough Room 

If there isn’t enough room in the mouth for the permanent tooth to erupt, it will remain below the gumline as well. Moderate to severe crowding can also prevent the permanent tooth from pushing through correctly. 


This rare disorder fuses teeth to the bone, preventing them from developing. The baby tooth loses its ligaments through root absorption and adheres to the bone, blocking the growth of the permanent tooth. 

Solutions If the Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

Keep Them

If the tooth and root are structurally sound and healthy, your dentist may recommend that you keep the baby tooth. If the tooth is much smaller than the surrounding permanent ones, the dentist can cap it to give the appearance of an adult tooth. 


If there are concerns with tooth development and crowding is a concern, replacement may be necessary. Depending on your age and oral condition, your dentist will discuss whether an extraction, bridge, denture or implant may be the right solution.  

Many of the above circumstances can be addressed before they become a problem. That’s why it’s important to have your children’s teeth checked and monitored every few months to look for any developmental issues. If you haven’t seen your dentist in a few months or suspect your child’s teeth are not growing properly, contact us at the Teal Umbrella to set up an appointment.

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