Is Fluoride Dangerous for Kids?

Is Fluoride Dangerous for Kids?

At our family dental clinic, we get a lot of questions about this subject and more specifically, whether fluoride is dangerous for kids. We believe fluoride is essential to the development of strong and healthy teeth and is safe when used as directed. To learn more about fluoride and why it should be an important part of your oral hygiene, here are a few FAQs that will help you understand more about it. 

Is Fluoride Safe?

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in soil, water, and various foods. It’s proven to help with remineralization and to prevent tooth decay. When used as directed, fluoride toothpaste is safe to use for both children and adults. 

Why are People Concerned?

Dental Fluorosis usually happens when too much fluoride causes white spots on the teeth. It’s more of a cosmetic issue rather than a health issue. To minimize the risks, it’s important to have your child spit out the toothpaste and rinse with water afterward. 

Why is Fluoride Recommended?

Children are easily susceptible to tooth decay, and fluoride is one of the best ways to prevent cavities from forming. It helps make teeth stronger and more resistant to the acids that wear away at the enamel and cause cavities. Fluoride can also protect the teeth by reversing the early signs of decay. 

When Should I Start Brushing My Child’s Teeth With Fluoride?

Parents should consult with their dentist to learn whether their children are at risk of developing tooth decay. If they are, it’s perfectly safe to add a little bit of fluoride toothpaste to a soft cloth and wipe it over your baby’s gums. Then once they receive their first baby teeth, you can start using a toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste to clean their teeth properly.

How Much Fluoride Should I Use?

As soon as your child’s first teeth emerge, you can start brushing them with a tiny bit of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice. This will ensure that you can get the fluoride on the tooth without having your child swallow it. Then when your child reaches the age of three you can add a pea-sized amount that you can brush over their teeth. You will need to assist them until they are around the ages of six or seven to ensure that they spit it out to avoid ingesting the fluoride. 

Are Dental Fluoride Treatments Safe?

Yes, the fluoride treatments provided by your dentist are designed to prevent cavities and reverse ones that may have already started to form. It is perfectly safe when directed by a dental care professional. 

How Do I Know if My Child is Getting Enough Fluoride?

A checkup by your dentist can determine if you are using the appropriate amount of fluoride.  

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