Dental Care

a kid brushing her teeth

Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to come in around 7-12 months. Baby teeth typically begin to fall out in the early elementary years (5-7 years old)…

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Mother and Daughter Brushing Their Teeth

Healthier Mouth, Healthier You

Dental hygiene is beneficial to overall good health. In fact, lack of oral hygiene tends to leave people open to more illnesses and more long-term health…

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Woman Drinking Water

A Quick Guide to Dry Mouth

If you suspect that you suffer from dry mouth, you’ll find that discovering some hard facts about this common problem helps you to put together a…

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Woman Eating a Salad

Preventing Tooth Enamel Loss

Although enamel is the hardest substance in our body, the wear and tear of everyday living can chip away at the strength of that barrier that…

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