Oral Health

A few electric toothbrush heads lined up side by side

Why Should You Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

Sometimes we doubt whether to follow certain trends and recommendations we hear from people. When your dentist recommends switching to an electric toothbrush, however, that’s advice…

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A man and his son brush their teeth together

Addressing Your Child’s First Cavity

Ensuring the health of a child is a priority for any parent. However, with so many things to consider, certain elements of health can often go…

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A woman with braces shows of her smile

Everything you Need to Know About Adult Orthodontics

Everyone knows that only kids get braces, right? Wrong. There are plenty of adults rushing to the orthodontist’s office these days, looking for the perfect smile…

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A boy sucks his thumb in his sleep

The Long-Term Consequences of Thumb Sucking

According to the Canadian Dental Association, thumb sucking is natural self-soothing behaviour for babies and toddlers because it helps them relax and puts them at ease.…

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