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retainers 101

Retainers 101

What are retainers and what do they do exactly? It’s likely that if you live in North America, you’ve had a friend or known someone who’s…

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Kids in Sports Protect their Teeth with Athletic Mouth Guards

Kids in Sports? Protect their Teeth with Athletic Mouth Guards

Did you know that millions of kid’s teeth get knocked out each year during sports play? That number could be significantly reduced if parents knew more…

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Why Do My Gums Hurt

Why Do My Gums Hurt?

Gum aches can be a nuisance, especially when they hinder your ability to consume the foods that you love. Sometimes, it’s just a simple passing ache…

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How Do X-Ray's Work?

How Do X-Rays Work?

Ever wonder how the X-Ray machine at the dentist makes a picture of your teeth? X-rays allow dentists to see right through human tissue to examine…

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