Oral Health

baby smiling oral health

Caring for a Child’s Oral Health Before Teeth Come in

Healthy dental habits should start right from the beginning, even before your baby’s first teeth emerge. And, it’s essential to have a good foundation for when…

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what's this tartar we speak of?

What’s This “Tartar” We Speak Of?

You’ve probably heard your dentist mention tartar build-up before, and just how crucial it is to brush and floss each day in order to minimize it.…

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7 causes of bad breath

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Do people back away when they’re talking to you? Do you experience a bad taste in your mouth even after brushing your teeth? If you’re concerned…

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cases when you may receive dental sealants

Cases When You May Receive Dental Sealants

Why are sealants often referred to as the shield for your teeth? Because they feature a thin, translucent coating that acts as a protective barrier for…

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